Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elsa's Jane with a Pop Top

Last Thursday (wow, that was a whole week ago) I was in the crafting surprise there.  So I whipped up a shirt for Elsa.  The pattern is a free tute, Jane with a Pop Top, from the seriously talented Shannon of Luvinthemommyhood and I need to make this top for me ASAP...too bad I can cut out pieces and blog at the same time.

The cool thing about this top is that I sewed it entirely on the serger...probably not my favorite way to go but it was fast.  Since I already had it cut out it took me about a 1/2 hour to put together.  The sleeves are a little tight and while the pictures make it look too short it's actually a little just creeps up.

I am in the process of making this adorable skirt for Elsa is taking forever, you'll understand when it's finished...think scraps.  Anywho, part of the skirt has the same center fabric so I thought it'd be cute for a nice matchy outfit but not over the top matchy-matchy.

I promise to post pics when I finally finish the skirt.

I am counting this top towards my 50 Garment Goal...which brings my total up to 4!  That is seriously sad...four garments in 8 weeks...I'm way behind.  Well technically I have 5, but you'll have to wait for pictures of number 5 until I find something to wear it with.  I also have like 4 projects ALMOST finished so if I pull a few late nights I should be up to 9 garments by the end of February.

The new camera is especially motivating for finishing things and while Thursday's used to be my least favorite they're become my fave as Lincoln is school all day and I have so much more time to craft!

Well Greta is calling me (my sewing machine) so enjoy the pics!

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