Who is Passionate Design?  Well that would be me, Buffy.  So nice to meet you!

What is Passionate Design? I'm not sure at the moment.  I'd love it to be a lot of things, especially a crafty meet real world kind of place.  As a mother to five children 7 and under life is hectic at times, well really life is chaotic with brief pauses in hectic.  What I do is show you what I'm truly passionate about: God &  Jesus, my family, others, Crafts i.e. knitting and sewing.  In that order…well that is the order I aspire too.

Where is Passionate Design? Currently we live in the Inland Northwest, code for Washington…the state…and in a small but vibrant* town north of Spokane.  Love it here.

When is Passionate Design? At the moment I'm working very hard at blogging on Fridays…though I do pop in from time to time in the middle of the week for updates on current projects.  I am hoping to move to a 3-posts a week format soon and maybe 5 days a week after that…but as always it's up to God and my family.

Why Passionate Design?  Oooh, the question I've been waiting for.  I am a passionate person…very passionate and feel completely and utterly compelled to write about the mundane and sometimes moderately fun things that happen in my life with passion.  Well, maybe not mundane but predictable.  However, we have all been created equal by one very passionate God who loves us beyond all measure and designed us each with a purpose.  This is mine…Passionate Design.

How?  Husband.  Short and sweet and the only time I'll ever be ;)

*disclaimer not everyone would use this word but I do because it's true from my perspective

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  1. Hi Buffy!

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for sharing your tutorial for the knitting bag. I made one this week and it turned out so cute that I am going to have to make another for myself. I would be happy to send you a picture if you are interested!

    Thanks again for sharing your talent.

    ~mary lou


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