Monday, January 2, 2012

Super Awesome Crazy Goal

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Before I begin with my post today, I just want to say thank you for all you lovely comments last week as I posted about my goals and my anniversary.  They meant a lot so thanks!

Now I'm sure you've probably noticed that there has been one area of my life not yet covered with a goal, sewing!  The reason of course is that it is integral with my one and only very big goal for 2012.  A goal that I'm gonna need everyone's support on and encouragement.  This goal has been on my mind like a lingering cold in August so when I finally sat down with Husband to discuss it he told me I should go for it!  What a guy right?  Now I'm sure you're all curious and I won't make you wait a minute longer.
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My goal is to make 50 garments and blog about them by December 31, 2012.  Yes you read that right FIFTY!  However, I'm going to take it just a little bit further and say that the majority (38) have to be for me or another adult.  Yes, I want to make some clothes for me!

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Last year I discovered the joy of sewing for myself, combined with another overarching goal of not looking like I was cast for Frumpy in the role of Momma of Five.  My desire is that this goal will stretch not my sewing skills but also help me to develop a deeper sense of what fashion styles work for me.  Other little bonuses will be the additional blogging and prayerfully better photography.

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I probably should now take a moment to say that what I'm defining as a garment is anything that you wear...yes anything!  So accessories and the like are included.  I have opted to go this relaxed route for the simple reason of time and that they are necessary in fashion.  So don't be surprised if a belt or hat show up on the blog :)
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In fact I actually have a dream list of things I want to make for myself in the new year and a list of things I want to make for the kids.

Since my goal is about one garment a week I will post on the first Tuesday of the month the 4-5 garments slated for the month to make.  This will give me the flexibility to work on what is working and not stress that one project is taking far longer than I expected.  Yet on Tuesday I will also post pictures of my newly completed project.

I've thought about different sorts of rewards for this but have determined natural consequences tend to work best in these situations.  I have 5 outfits planned for January but if I fail to make them all then February (a shorter month) will have to play catch up.  However the positive benefit is that if I'm sewing that means I'm using up supplies which in turn means I get to go shopping!!!  Winning right?

Well there you have it, my big goal for 2012.  I know I can do it and to be honest the excitement I have can only build right?  I'll be back tomorrow with my choices for the month.  Have you started a goal yet?  Still thinking about what you want to accomplish?  Just because the new year is already here doesn't mean it's too late!  Find a quiet moment and turn those wishes into goals and let me know!


  1. Buffy, I think your big goal for 2012 is awesome...and what girl can't use a few more clothes?!?! You've got my support! GO BUFFY GO!!!

  2. Thanks Peggy! I am super excited about it too :)

  3. Awesome Buffy! You can do it and hopefully I can provide a few of the patterns :) Love that you get so much joy out of your dresses that you've already made and I tell you...selfish sewing/knitting is so fun and definitely rewarding and budget conscious.

    Here's to 2012!

  4. If anyone can accomplish this goal--it's you, Buffy! I'm excited to be along for the ride and the inspiration!


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