Friday, February 24, 2012

What Gloria Sees...

So the problem with having a new camera is that everything I do now seems to be for Gloria (yes I named my camera...nothing wrong with that).  I have all these photos that I'm incredibly proud of and still amazed that I was the one who captured it.

I think the one common thing that I often see on other blogs is the photography and next is all the comments about the blogger/photographer took such amazing photos.  I can relate I have a whole pin board dedicated to photography and it has everything from tips to ideas for backdrops.  Being new to the photography scene I thought I might show you all my progression of ability.  I won't promise to post every Friday or even every week...I have five kids you know.  What I will promise is to show you the real unadulterated photos I've taken with the only editing done is cropping.  I also will try to post not just the great pictures but also the ones that didn't turn out.

So I totally went the wrong direction with the shutter you can see Elsa has a ghost :)

The light was really bright streaming in the window.  I should have either zoomed in to block out some of the light or moved the kids.

There are many other pictures that just weren't great...some even got deleted.  Still with persistence and the promise of M & Ms I was able to get these...

So tell me do you have plans for the weekend?  Any big purchases to make?  Small purchases?  I'm going to hit up the local fabric shop for a few treats for a hush hush project I'm working on but still I'd love to chat with you all!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Congrats on the new camera--enjoy!


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