Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bulle Means Bubble in French

So, um, yeah I've been gone from this space for practically eternity.  Being pregnant with 5 kids sorta makes you switch your priorities around.  However, I just finished a project and goodness I got so many pictures that I just HAD to share them all here.

The lovely Shannon from luvinthemommyhood is hosting her annual Tops, Tanks, & Tees Knit Along.  I must confess when she announced it I wasn't sure I would take part.  While I love the KAL experience I haven't had the best track record with actually FINISHING projects and I was (still am) in the throes of knitting for Somebody coming in June.  However, after finishing up not just one, not just two, but THREE different knitting projects for Somebody I felt it was time to knit for someone else (how many sweaters does a baby really need?)  Elsa, seemed a tinge envious of all the baby knits and since Shannon graciously allows us to knit for babies and children if we desire I was in.

 The B&W photo was the very first picture I took during our photo session and by the looks of the Girl I wasn't sure how well it would go...she went ahead and surprised me:

Of course we had to have a little fun too:

Honestly I just kept clicking away, 47 pictures in about 5 minutes and all of them so delightful to look at.  We timed it perfectly because as soon as we were done the sun went behind the clouds and hasn't popped back out since.


Pattern: Bulle by Karen Borrel
Yarn: Cascade Sierra Quatro, 80/20 cotton/wool blend
    I actually happened upon this yarn already knit up into a cardi at the thrift store.  I knew the yarn on site (parlor trick of mine) and at $3 for the sweater I couldn't allow it to stay languishing on the rack.  The cardi wasn't my style at all (nor the color) but I knew I could unknit it and make something stunning-which if I do say so myself I did!  There was just over 300gms from the sweater which equals 3 hanks and I didn't use it all either :)

Universal Dolce Merino, 50/50 micro fiber/merino blend for the pockets


I didn't get gauge but didn't want to tinker with different needles to see if I could so I simply cast on for the 3/4 to get the 5/6 width and just knit the extra length.  I'll tell you that I began to grow nervous that it might not be big enough...well long enough but after blocking it was perfect.  She'll be able to wear this all summer long and the bonus about it being a tunic is eventually she'll get to wear it as just a top!

I loved the pattern, it was so neat and just about the time boredom set in something changed.  I'll definitely consider making it again, maybe in all wool for the autumn season.  The part that I loved the most in the pattern, but was the most irritating to do...the pockets.  Yeah, you knit those after the sweater is done and in the round, but because it is in the round you are constantly having to pick up the sweater and turn it for each round...annoying but certainly not a deal breaker in the pattern.

And ladies, don't fret, if you see what you like here I'm happy to report that there is also a Lady Bulle pattern!  I'm thinking I just might knit one for myself this summer :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Camera's Been Clickin'

Okay so this'll be a first.  I've been following click it up a notch since we bought our new camera.  I knew that while photography might be in my blood (my dad's a photographer) I learned film photography and not digital and that I wanted some pointers.

I really have no inclinations to go pro with this, I just want to take really nice pictures of my kids, my crafts and life...the stuff that makes me well me.

Still last month (really last week) I took the kids outside for a photo project and I somehow managed to capture this picture of mister Thaddeus:

Are you as amazed as me?  Yeah...it was one of those photos that I wasn't trying to get but got it just the same and with just a little editing with PicMonkey (honestly I'm too poor for PhotoShop) I think that it just captures his pure joy and delight at 1) being the center of attention and 2) swinging. 

Since this is definitely one of my very best photos I've decided that I will enter it in September's I Clicked it Up a Notch photography contest.  My fingers are crossed.

Click It Up A Notch

Photo Taken: Sept 24, 2012
Camera: Cannon EOS Rebel T2i, kit lens
F-stop: f/4.5
Exposure: 1/1000 sec
ISO: 400

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Smile, My Life is that Interesting...

Okay, so Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood started this and well I'm gonna finish it!  Then go grocery shopping :)

* i'm longing to make "a patchwork quilt slip cover for my couches" right now. And by right now I mean yesterday! I can honestly say that I've thought of doing this before but never have and now that I've seen someone else do it I want it too!  Problem...I have 1 sofa sleeper couch and 2 (yes two) love seats (though not in the same room) and I can't have them feeling left out :)  Mayhaps this will be a goal for 2013?

* i want to try "knitting" with some "quivut" yarn.

* i wish i could sew with "Rockin' Romance" fabric.

* i dream of making "my whole wardrobe".  Really I do.  Jeans, khakis, skirts, tops, sweaters and of course dresses...lifetime goal here. 

* i keep track of my ideas by "thinking about them constantly".  No really, I rarely sketch or write out ideas I just keep them locked away in my cute little brain.  Some of you might think that's crazy or that you'd forget.  I'll be honest I WISH I could forget stuff.  A great memory can be a curse...I mean do I really have to remember that the first time I met my husband he beat me thouroughly at tether ball?  Or that I'm often the first person to notice and comment on the fact that you have lipstick on your teeth?  Yes, all that and more is in my brain (I could even quote to you from memory the due dates, actual arrival dates, birth weights and what they lost in the first couple days of ALL FIVE of my kids)

* i'm inspired by "life".  Not just the everything around me sense but the nitty gritty life as we live it.  I'm inspired when I see people standing in line at the grocery store, when I'm washing the dishes or even when I'm sleeping (I wake up with the greatest ideas sometimes).  I'm inspired to make life not just functional and livable but beautiful as well.  I want others to see the beauty in the messes of life.

* i would love to meet "too many people" in person.  I have made so many friends through the introwebs that I would love to meet them in person, specifically Shannon, Becca, Kristy and then there's friends I've met through facebook and I'd love to meet them too :)

* my favorite fiber is "wool".  Seriously can you go wrong with wool?  I didn't think so :)

* i like to sew with "knits".   Ohmygosh, favorite thing to work with.  I love how everything turns out, how you don't have to hem and well I just love it in general.

* my favorite color is "ORANGE".  Enough said.

* i rock at "baby making".  Let your mind wander if you will but I had to enter in something funny but exessively true :)

* i would like to learn how to make "the most of my photography".

* i like to listen to "classical music" while i "drive the kids places". Don't get me wrong here I listen to all kinds of music but classical (though I know that word incompasses a lot of music) is the most easy flowing music and the kids and I are always calmer when it's on in the suburban

* i bring my "party self" everywhere.  I am a self-proclaimed party in a person.  Go ahead, invite me to a party and I promise you'll see the truth in this statement :)

* my favorite thing to "sew" is "women's dresses".  My dream is to make custom dresses for women.  I'm not into making patterns, sewing for everyone's kids but I love to make dresses and I would love to make dresses for other women.

* my favorite thing to "knit" are "cowls".

* my crafting space is "controlled chaos".  Yet I know where just about everything is.  The moment I can't find something is the moment I start cleaning up.

* if i had my own crafting room it would have "floor to celing walls of fabric so that I can see and feel what I have".  I can't stress it enough when I say I do not live in boxes.  I hate that I have to store my lovely fabric in shelves where I never see them.  If I see something I want to create.  What I would love is to be able to have all of my fabrics out and hanging organized by color :)  Someday!

* i sew with "a kenmore".  It's old, has only one presser foot and works like a dream.  Knits have never had it so good.  I got it from my husband's aunt when my Brother stopped working just before Christmas...she's prolly never going to get it back ;)

* i like to "repeat" "the cute things my kids say".  Yeah, I'm pretty much a sucker for all the adorbsible things my kids say.  Right now on the radar is Vinny's explaination of the alphabet "Momma, Teacher says we have to learn all our letters because it will be in every word we learn to read this year!"  i.die!

* i can never get enough "hugs from my love".  True story.  I love my husband and love it when he takes me in his arms and tells me I'm his whole world :)

* i adore "writing". Yup, I love to write.  I write fiction, non-fiction if two letters make a word then I'm there!

* i also enjoy "letter writing" and "fancy lettering".  Yeah, I'm kinda addicted to making pretty envelopes.  For all my thank you notes I have now started mailing them the old fashioned way and prettifying them up (yes I just made up a word, deal with it).  I love getting cards in the mail and you should too...it sure beats bills ;)

* i like to fill my shelves with "pictures".  I love having pictures on the walls, shelves, cupboards...well maybe not yet.  Pictures of family or cards that I have recieved.  Usually my shelves are full of stuff but if I had my druthers I'd have candles and photographs on every open shelf!

* i create the best when i'm "dressed up like I mean it".  I ABHOR sweat pants, yoga pants are acceptable for short periods of time but to be completely honest if I'm frumpy my thoughts are frumpy and I hit a crazy road block to creativity.  If I really want to make something I dress up, hair, make-up, shoes and usually a dress (though I do have the most adorable pair of jeans I stole for $3).  Really, I hate being frumpy so much that I make myself knit skirts for post partum because I can only handle being in jammies for about 12 hours :)

* i am currently excited for "my little girl to start preschool". Yes it is true, my little princess starts preschool on Monday and I am beyond excited for her and for me.  For 1/2 a day 4 days a week it'll just be me and the beebs (Thaddeus)...I'm already planning quiet time for him and craft time for me.  Can you say HEAVEN?  Plus, it doesn't hurt that she is excited too.  She's filling out pretend forms for school, talking about her teaching and squealing with delight everytime we pass the preschool.  I'm really hoping she makes a best friend in her class this year.  We live in a small town and she could easily meet that bestie that will follow her through high school...maybe even college.  You all remember those friends right?

* right now i am "test pattern".   Hush hush...

* i love to watch "nothing" while creating.  I actually can't create and craft, kinda like chewing gum and walking.  Don't get me wrong I will knit and watch tv and movies (so long as they aren't action thrillers) but I don't usually sew or create much while watching shows.  Mostly because I get too drawn into the shows that I forget to move my hands.  However if you want to know my fave shows right now they are "Once Upon a Time" "Sherlock" "  Downton Abbey" and I am super excited for "Elementary" that starts this week!

* my guilty pleasure when it comes to creating is "thrift store splurges".  Um, yeah I really can't say no in thrift shops, reguardless of how many oversized t-shirts I have at home I really really really need another one at $1!

* my current favorite music crush to listen to while creating is "Sara Barielles Radio on Pandora or Rend Collective Experiment Radio on Pandora".  I ADORE Pandora!!!  I love that I don't have to listen to just one particular artist but can listen to similar artists too.  I get introduced to a ton of new music and my play lists in Spotify keep growing ;)

Well, now you know all about me...I want to know all about you.  Feel free to copy and paste this into your blog and answer the questions as you would (not me, obviously I already know me).