Friday, January 6, 2012

Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I've been hard a work behind the scenes here...well maybe hardly working...still I have a few knitted lovelies to show off.  The first being my first ever glove!

Isn't she pretty?  I'm totally smitten and I know I should cast on the other but I have a couple projects that need to get finished know the projects I should have finished before I cast her on ;)

Now I'll confess I was moderately nervous to knit gloves, I mean think about all those fingers.  However they are quite easy and super fast.  I knit this glove in a week and only worked on it at night and not every night that week either!

The yarn is the yummy Madelinetosh Tosh Merino yarn my lovely little sis got me for Christmas.  I posted about it here.  She came up for Thanksgiving but couldn't wait to give me my pressie.  Though I was a dutiful sister and waited until AFTER Christmas to cast on for anything.  I know I'm going to have a ton of yarn left over.  The hank weighed 112g and the finished glove weighs 25g so I'll have over half the hank left to play with.  I'm excited :)

The pattern comes from this awesome little book put out by Patons...Next Steps Seven: Mittens and Gloves.  The book cost me $5 only because my coupon went towards purchasing a higher priced item.  Still for $5 it's a great resource.  It starts at the very beginning in mitten making with 2-needle mittens then progresses on to mittens in the round then smaller yarn, gloves, convertible mittens and gloves, cabling, colorwork...honestly it's the only mitten & glove book you'll ever need.  The directions are concise and have pictures plus the sizes are from a child's 2 to a Men's Large.

My Bestie swears by it too.  She found this amazing beaded glove pattern (from another source) and tried it out only to hate the thumb and tore it all out and started with the glove pattern in the Patons book and added the beadwork to the glove.  The fit truly is amazing.

Enough about pattern reviews and onto the other goody I have.

This is the start of Husband's sweater.  I cast on Tuesday night and have been working on it at night...already I have six inches done though I did marry a very tall man (6' 5")  so I have to knit a lot  further to reach the underarms and for the sleeve...the trade off is that I get to knit the smallest size :)

The yarn is Ella Rae Classic and I'm a wee bit concerned that I won't have enough yarn...but then again I might have just the right amount.  I've been cruising Ravelry and checking out finished projects and all off them seem to use a lot less than the suggested amount.  I can totally identify with The Yarn Harlot right now:)

So how has your week been?  Any knitting or sewing projects to show off?  I'd love to see what you're working on.  I've got a cup of coffee and in the mood to chat!  So pull up a chair and tell me all your secrets ;)  Well maybe not all your secrets but anything you feel like telling me about.


  1. buffy! you've been incredibly productive! well done! which pattern are you using for the sweater? looks great! you did such a great job on the glove! xo

  2. Hero Sweater by Ann Budd. My bestie and I are racing each other to the finish line. Her husband asked her to knit this sweater specifically but she got bored with it and hasn't finished. So I told her after the first we'd knit it together.

  3. Whoa! You have been busy! I love the glove. Keep up the amazing work...I love seeing your creations!


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