Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Came Early...

Well, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Week...yes, I wrote week.  Samuel ended up sick on Monday and school was cancelled for Lincoln Tuesday, so we were home all week.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was a great week.  Vinny got sick on Thanksgiving, so I stayed home from the family dinner to be with him.  While I would have preferred to go and hang out with family, it did give me lots of extra knitting time (Vinny slept the WHOLE time).

Though the best part of the week was that my sister and her boyfriend came up for the weekend.  Oh, my was it fun!  In September my sister and mom came up to visit and before they left I taught my sister how to knit.  So when she arrived we showed off of finished knits...I having been on a cowl kick lately had a few more than she ;)  Still her boyfriend was completely willing to watch the parade of knits and actually showed appreciation for the skill, encouraged me and my sister to continue in our knitterly pursuits and requested hand knits.  Winner!

However, my sister and I are afflicted with a terrible problem, we can't wait to give gifts to loved ones.  We both get so excited about the gift, know it is perfect and so usually we give them early.  The only thing that has helped with this affliction is to wait until the holiday or birthday has passed then go get the gift.  So my sister had to give me my gift when she was here (she mentioned something about wanting to see my expression).  I obliged and with a stiff upper lip allowed her to give me my gift early...

first she gave me these adorable buttons...


I wore them all at one time the first couple days, though I'm sure I'll be attaching them to some knitting bags.  Then she gave me this...

Yes that is MADELINETOSH!!!  Oh I just about jumped out of my skin, I was so excited.  You have to understand that I have a very strict yarn budget...Husband says I get $1 a month, $5 if I'm extra good...so this yarn has always been out of reach.  But for Christmas, well that's what gift giving is for.  I can't wait to cast on with it.  However, I will be good (mostly because I have so much left to do for the Christmas) and won't knit with it until Christmas.

I hope you all had a delightful Thanksgiving.


I'm working hard at getting to the computer to blog...but honestly I have so much to do!  Still, I love to chat and always have time for a friend.  Tell me how was your holiday?  Are you super excited for the gifts you're giving?  Expecting something wonderful under the tree?  Grab a Christmas cookie and some hot cocoa and let's chat!


  1. ohmygosh buffy!!!! first the buttons! ah-mazing! all of them! haha i love them! and look you got MADELINETOSH!!! woo hoooo! seriously, my husband just asked me what was wrong with me because of my reaction to reading your post. hahahahaah. sooo happy for you! woo hoo! i can't wait to hear what you'll cast on with that!!!

  2. Hahaha! Oh I love you Becca. You're reaction pretty much met mine...plus I got this the same day I found out I won Coastal Knits! To say I experienced an knitters high wouldn't be an exaggeration.

    I'm planning on making gloves...maybe opera length? Haven't nailed down a pattern but I am excited :)


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