Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Reality of Sewing

Last year my Mother in Law made my niece a dress for Easter.  Now my niece is 9 (eight at the time) and she has a distinct taste to her fashion.  The two of them sat down and looked at patterns, discussed what my niece wanted and then picked out some fabric.  My Mother in Law lives close to us and my niece on the other side of the state, so my niece wasn't there watching every step.  The fabric was cut out, the pieces sewn together the dress made and my niece hated it.  She claimed it looked like pajamas (I'll be honest...it sort of did).

Now my Mother in law is a wise woman and has been sewing for years and wasn't at all offended by her granddaughters comment because she knew the reality of sewing...sometimes what you set out to make just can't be made.

Why do I start with this story?  Well that is because my first garment I made this week is kinda like that.  Now it didn't turn out like pajamas, in fact it is quite lovely...

but not for me :)  The color of the fabric, I love but the color doesn't love me!  I used to be able to wear any color I wanted, before I had kids, now my skin tone has changed and the subtleties make certain colors look hideous on me...this one makes me look sick and fat...no one want that.  However, the color is perfect for my daughter...so I'll put it in the reconstruction pile and maybe come up with a hoodie for her.

Yet I am counting it towards my goal, which was to SEW 50 garments, not to LOVE whatever I made.  I did love sewing it.  I used my new-to-me serger, a great pattern that I'll use again in a different color, and I made a few tweaks to the pattern to make it my own...let me show you my Awesome Amy Cardigan by the lovely Shannon of luvinthemommyhood...

I didn't have enough fabric to make the sleeves the length I wanted so I added a cuff which to be honest is more my style than flowing free and cuffless ;)

I omitted the blanket stitch edging because that is like my kryptonite of edging...I'm probably too much of a perfectionist :)  Still I loved the pattern and totally plan on making another one but I'll stick to colors I know look good on me.  You can find the tutorial for the pattern here.

Well I've checked one garment off of my goal only 49 more to go.  I've got two cut out and a surprise later this week.  How are you guys doing on your goals?  Any set backs you need to vent about?  Progress you're dying to share?  Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffe and let's chat!


  1. It looks beautiful! So sorry the color didn't work for you. Can't wait to see the next one you make!

  2. Sad the color didn't work for....glad you liked making it though! Happy sewing!


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