Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drum Roll Please...

Yesterday I dove head first into my stash of fabric to see what I could dig up that could be turned into clothes for me.  I knew the items I wanted to make this month but had to find the fabric to match.  Without much more of an introduction here is what I chose...

The orange fabric on top will turn into this dress...

The dark green fabric will become dress pants...

The pattern is from Burda (2938).  I'm excited to try this out.

The turquoise fabric will become a cardigan.  Not just any cardigan though, it's going to become the Awesome Amy Cardigan by the seriously talented Shannon of luvinthemommyhood!  You might remember the MODify Dresses I made from her tute and of course Elsa's Holiday dress.  Shannon knows how to make a pattern easy, fast and fashionable!

Finally the light pink fabric at the bottom will become a fitted blouse.  
McCall's M5433 B

Though I wouldn't expect the fabric to stay pink long as it isn't my 'color' so a dye bath awaits her.

Well there it is, the clothes I'm making for me this month.  Don't be surprised if a few things for the kids show up, Samuel does have a birthday this month plus there's a top that I'm itching to make Elsa.

So tell me the verdict, good patterns or not?  Excited to see them completed?  Me too!  I better get crackin'!  Next Tuesday one of those lovely patterns will be on display for you to see.


  1. Your fabric looks great...can't wait to see your creations!

  2. Can't wait to see them when you're done Buffy!


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