Monday, September 12, 2011

A Week to MODify...

How's that for a title?  No, I won't be rearranging the days of the week, even though that would be fun :)  What I will be doing is parading a weeks worth of MODify dresses that I've made.  I sure hope it makes you want to make one.

The pattern is by the ever cleaver and wonderful Shannon of luvinthemommyhood.  As soon as I saw this beauty of a pattern I knew I wanted to make one.  However, when I did get around to making one it shocked me at the ridiculously low time investment to make and thus a high was born...I kept making them for just over a week and ended up with SIX dresses (well, 7, but the last one was a craft fail).

However, six dresses to showcase in one blog post is well, quite a bit so I figure I'll take the week and show off one each day...yes that means I'll go into Saturday but trust me they are worth it.

So let the cuteness begin...

Don't mind my expression...this is self-photography at is uh, best ;)

Don'tcha just love that last pic?  Me too, this dress makes me feel giddy with excitement and to be completely honest I've been wearing my dresses almost exclusively (today is a rare exception as I am in jeans...but I just might change)

This is THE perfect first dress for anyone to try and make.  Shannon gives you clear directions on how-to draft the pattern FOR YOU...not some random mannequin or computer generated measurements based on statistics that may or may not be faulty.  So you know from the start that this dress will fit you fabulously.  It only takes about 1.5-2 yards of fabric depending on width and it has a lovely buttonhole loop that you can do by hand (I did and it is easy) or you can always grab some ribbon or elastic and make it yourself.

The dress today is a V-neck but that is the beauty of this dress you can make it scoop neck, boat neck, crew neck...whatever floats your boat.  You can make it shorter for a tunic or longer if you'd prefer.  The pattern is simple to follow and you're gonna love it!  Best of all, when I made my first one (not the one shown today) it took me 3 hours to draft, cut out and sew together.  THREE HOURS people!  That is just crazy fast.  So you can do it.

Now promise me you will all click over to the links I've provided show Shannon some love <3.


Well tell me what do you think?  Excited to see my parade of MODify dresses?  I know I'm excited to show you fact I've been excited for ages.  Join in with me and make a few and I promise you'll be finding more excuses than an escaped convict for wearing a dress every day of the week!


  1. buffy, you are too cute! love the dress! it looks great! AND you could totally wear it over jeans in the winter, or leggings... weee!!!

  2. Buffy...I heart you! I still cannot believe you made this many! I LOVE it! You are awesome!!! I only have one but need to make some more :) I think you look gorgeous and can't wait to see the rest of the week. Big hugs my dear friend.

  3. You girls are the best! Seriously when I'm having a low day I just have to read your stuff and it brightens my days up so much!

    Becca- I'm blushing at your compliments :) I am so excited for layering in the fall. I'm hoping to make or find some awesome leggings and maybe even some leg warmers to go with them in our cold winters.

    Shannon- I can't believe I made this many too! Or that I'm not sick of the pattern :) LOVE it!


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