Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Teaser...

Well I got back home last night.  The weekend was great, the family fun but I was ready to come home...plus if I had stayed any longer I might not have fit in my car...I discovered that you never outgrow the desire to kidnap stuff from your parents house and that while I don't share my parents pack-rat lifestyle it does make their house the best priced thrift store ever!  I also realized I don't have to get my parents anything for Christmas and that by not getting anything I will be giving them exactly what they need and want. 

However, now that I'm home I've got new stuff to find homes for not to mention that next week we're all going camping for a week!  We're all very excited yet I've got to hit the ground running and don't get time for break from my vacation.  So today's post will be short and sweet with a few teaser pics of what I brought back with me.  Hopefully I can get the house back in order and tomorrow will share more on my trip and the goodies I found.

Of all that I brought back I'll show you what I'm most excited about.  First my Momma took me shopping at a cute little fabric shop in Eugene for my birthday (this Friday) and they had Heather Ross fabric!  Um, I was so excited as I've only been able to drool over her collections from my computer but have never had a reason to splurge on it...but with Mom footing the bill I got a 1/2 yard!  EEKS!!! I'm stoked :)

The employee was saying that Heather Ross's third Far Far Away collection was due in anytime...now I know how to get my hands on it...send my mom to get it :)

What is even better is the fabric is Sleeping Beauty!  My all time favorite fairy tale!  Okay, enough about fabric...how about we discuss this beauty...

Yup!  That's a camera.  Technically it is a point & shoot but it has massive manual features like shutter speed and an external flash...I can hardly wait to play around with it!  My daddy is a photographer and just got a new camera and while he isn't sure I can keep this one forever, I do get to borrow it for a while :)  I know I'm loved!

Well, I've got to run...Elsa is tired and cranky from the trip and the house doesn't clean itself.


So tell me do you bring home fun stuff from your parents when you go to visit?  Are you the pack rat or the tosser?  Don't you just love the fabric?  Even though I'm getting ready for a week of camping I can still make time to chat!

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