Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Quick Showcase of FOs

Today I am entirely unmotivated...which is bad since I only have today and tomorrow to get the laundry caught up and a bunch of sewing to do since I leave on Friday for the weekend.

Still while things have been quiet on the blog as far as finished items I have been working hard behind the scenes.  Because I know that you all love me and come here for my wit, wisdom and humor and not my photography* I'll post unedited cell phone pics.

First, Lincoln's new shorts...

They were supposed to be for his birthday but sadly I just didn't make it in time :(  Not to worry I found him a cool new swim suit and rash guard to open on the big day!


The pattern is Burda Kids 9526 and while for this pair I did the faux fly shield I won't in the doesn't save time or in my mind make them look any cuter,wait now that he's 8 should I say manlier?  Also, the waist band was thicker than my elastic so I did two rows instead of one...I'll probably tweak the pattern a bit more in the future but it was an easy sew, the most time consuming part being prepping the pockets.

Next up is a sweet little baby sweater...

While I'm visiting my family this weekend my cousin has so thoughtfully planned her baby shower around my schedule (this is a false and gross misrepresentation written solely to make me look important instead of just plain lucky) I whipped up a sweater super quick.  I still have to put on the ribbon ties put on it for it to truly be finished.

Pattern is from the Sirdar book Little Sweet Peas design H with short sleeves.  I had to modify it for the yarn I chose and I think from now on I will only knit top down sweaters for babies 6 months and under...not because I hate seaming but because it adds so much bulk around the sleeve and I imagine it might become quite bothersome to some babies.  The only modification I truly made was the edging as I didn't knit it but did a simple single crochet edge, mostly for time reasons and simplicity.

Well there you have it...Finished Objects (FOs) if only to prove that I actually do accomplish some things during the day.  However, I can't seem to get the cyberspace of URLs to give me links to the patterns I've apologies will try later when I have more time.


So have you finished anything lately?  I'd love to see what you've made or are working on!  Have a happy Wednesday!

*This comment is for entertainment purposes only, though I suspect that it might be true since more people are following since I started posting less than ideal quality cell phone pics than when I had a good camera...though this might change in the near future.

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