Friday, August 5, 2011

Today Is My Birthday!


I'd sing Happy Birthday to myself for you but you can't hear me :)  Today is my birthday and aren't you all glad...don't worry if you haven't gotten me anything I'll check the mail for late packages ;)  You know you're birthday isn't over until you open your last present!  This applies to all holidays and occasions in which you receive gifts.

So enough joking as it is a rather serious affair...this is my very first 29th birthday and the last year in my 20s.  To be completely honest I couldn't be more excited!  However I thought I should share a little of what I have learned over the last 29 years of life...

1) God loves EVERYONE!  Not just me, but you too!  
2) Being married to your best friends is pretty much the greatest thing ever...
3) I love being a Momma
4) I can, I will and & I have gone Momma Bear on don't mess with my kids!
5) A Hug and a Kiss can make almost all problems easier to handle...if not erase them
6) Knitting is truly to get insurance to pay for my yarn medication ;)
7) Friends are the cream filling in the Oreo of life...sure you could just have chocolate cookies, but the cream...well that's what makes it worth eating 20!
8) I've learned more in the last 8 years as a momma than I did in the 21 before it.
9) A woman's body is totally cool, can handle more than you think and never get tough.
10) Happiness is circumstantial, Joy is a fruit and a true gift of God
11) I can spell coarctation of the aorta without a dictionary...pronounce it too, know what it means & only have a high school biology course in my brain
12) If you have lipstick on your teeth...I will tell you
13) Honesty isn't just the best policy, it is a sure fire way to sleep better at night
14) I love having sex...with my husband of course...just had to throw that in there ;)
15) Sewing is one of the best it promotes hoarding without guilt...provides clothes when the plumbing is out, and well it's just plain cool!
16) Love doesn't hurt, but disappointment and leaving does
17) It is always better to think of others first and then yourself
18) Chasing after kids is a full time job & a work out!
19) Boys & Girls are equally as hard to raise...they just have different problems
20) Anger isn't wrong, it's what you do with it that makes people love or fear you
21) Grace is for all people and is what we must give out more freely
22) Water doesn't taste great but it sure beats and IV at the hospital
23) Different isn't better, Different isn't worse, Different is just different.
24) The grass may be greener on the other side but at least I have green windows!
25) Laughing is infinitely more fun than sweating the small stuff
26) People are irreplaceable, Stuff can be bought half price at Wal-Mart
27) There will always be someone bigger, stronger, more stylish, more creative, more perfect than you...still strive to be yourself and be content with what you get.
28) They say 'You're gonna miss this.' all your life...I say 'Make today worth missing.'
29) If I've made you smile at my list, or made you say 'a-ha' I've got all the birthday presents I'll ever need.

Oh and just in case you haven't laughed yet I'll leave you with this funny little video and dare you not to smile as you watch it...


  1. 14 made me lol for real! hehehe This list makes me smile! Happy Birthday Cousin! Yayy!!!

  2. Have a wonderful day!


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