Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guess What I'm wearing today???

Yes that's right!  My new sweater :)  I'm so excited that the weather has finally cooled off enough for me to put it on...well cooled off enough in the morning that is, I'll prolly have to take it off this afternoon.

Still I'm happy to have it on.

I love that I decided to make my own buttons.  Part of that was because I didn't have money for pretty buttons and the cheap ones wouldn't work.  The other part is that I love fabric covered buttons :)

Well, I promise I'll try and pop in here a little more frequently but currently I am crazy swamped and can barely get what must get done finished each day.  I thought with the kids in school I'd have more time looks like I have less...a connundrum if I ever heard of it!

So I'm in desperate need of some love and need you all to tell me how much you love the sweater.  I still want to do a photo shoot with it but that will have to wait for another day...


  1. Congrats, it's so pretty! The colors are beautiful. You're so talented!

  2. It's lovely! Can I borrow it when the weather cools down? LOL! Great job, and I love the buttons too.

  3. Congratulations on finishing, it looks really fab. Such a nice choice of colours

  4. Looks great Buffy! I love the covered buttons too!


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