Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finshed Sweater...well almost ;)

Yes!!! My sweater is finished, well except for a few ends to weave in and buttons :) 

I'm in love and can barely wait for fall so I can wear this baby every. single. day. 

I've already started another sweater, just a baby sweater but a sweater nontheless.  I do have plans for more too but you'll just have to wait. 

I seriously can't believe that I finished a sweater for myself, with sock yarn in 7 weeks!  This is the first time I've finished a sweater with a deadline not only on time but early :) Ohmygoodness craziness.  Now to find the perfect buttons and have a friend take pictures of me wearing it :)


  1. congrats on finishing! it looks great! xo

  2. Beautiful sweater - love the stripes. I'm jealous - I wish 1) I was done with a sweater too and 2) I wish I could wear yellow! Congrats on finishing!


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