Thursday, September 20, 2012

For My Daughter on her 4th Birthday

Dearest Elsbeth,

Today is your birthday, four years ago you were born into a family of boys and am I ever happy you came.  I must confess that I am both excited for you and confused.  Confused because I can't believe you're already four, no longer my tiny baby but an almost preschooler who chooses ice cream based on color not flavor (purple, you like purple ice cream).  I'm excited for you too.  This marks the year you get Barbies, start doing your own laundry and begin to get ready for kindergarten.

Right now you'r hair is cut in the cutest bob and I love how your blonde hair just hits your chin.  You love your hair cut too, probably because even bed head looks good and I'm not always messing with it.  You love Disney Princesses, though it's really hard to tell if you have a favorite as you pretty much love 'Tangled, Beast, and Rella' (your words not mine).  Still the only time I can get you to sit still is when a princess movie is on and you sing along with all the songs and my heart melts every time.

You love dogs but only if they are on tv, outside when you're inside, or inside when you're outside.  Basically you love the idea of dogs but not them in life. Your favorite color is purple, though pink is close second and your favorite part about your Barbies are the combs for their hair and their shoes.

In the last year you've grown a lot. You are much more independant and love to tell me "I do it myself!" though you do have days when you play the invalid (especially when you're with Grandpa).  You, unlike your brothers before you, hate wearing your shoes on the wrong feet.  You love to wear dresses though because of you desire for independance usually wear pants and a t-shirt because your dresses are up too high for you to reach and you won't ask for help.

Right now I'm in love with your spunk.  It will get you far in this hard world, your determination to do things as well as your brothers but with more style and class.  You have the best facial expressions and I often wish others could see the same spunky girl I love peeking through those looks.  A day isn't truly complete until you've stripped naked and run through the house for more clothes (never fear, your father and I don't worry about exotic dancing as a career choice for you).  You love to laugh and often make me laugh just from the sound of it.  You're also a big tease, especially with your dad.  He loves it.

As I look to the next year, another chapter in your life and mine as well I am grateful.  Grateful that I get to watch it unfold.  As the only girl you bring a joy and happiness to my life that your brothers can never touch.  You exasperate me with your roller coaster ride of emotions and hormones, yet I love it too, how you express yourself.  You have moments that take my breath away in that I feel like I'm looking in the mirror at myself.

My dream for you is that you accept the love God has for you as readily as you accept my love.  That you will make friends with girls (I know they may look like aliens but they aren't).  Girls can be cruel, but I promise a great best friend will get you through the mean ones and enrich your life beyond measure.

Also, I pray that you won't be in a rush to grow up.  Hard as it is to wait and be patient I know, from experience, that God gives perfect gifts in His perfect time.  There isn't any need to rush what is to come but to enjoy the journey along the way.

I am so excited to get to know the woman you're growing into, though I truly love the GIRL that you are.  Sticky hands, messy hair with crayons, cars and Barbie shoes in your pockets.

Happy Birthday my Sweet.

All My Love,


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