Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There's a Body!!!!

So sorry to have missed you all last week but I was traveling.  I had fully intended to schedule a post but I got that horrible orrible flu bug (on my birthday no less) and was just starting to recover on Tuesday so it was a no go.  Plus I didn't have much to show in the way of progress as I couldn't knit when I was sick...yes I was that ill!

Still today I have some great news...I cast off for the body of the sweater last night!  Yay for me :)

I'm still trying to figure out how to take decent photos of myself so you know laugh along with me at my self-portrait attempt in my bathroom (newly cleaned and painted thankyouverymuch).

I really love the stripes.  I have to say I was a bit nervous about striping the whole thing but I love how it has turned out, it is a very Buffy sweater look.  I also discovered much to my joy, that I have a shorter torso which means that I did not have to knit 15 inches of stocking stitch under the arm before the hem.  I knit 12 and I did the hem per the directions which is 20 rows of garter stitch which should be an 1.5 inches but it looks closer to 2 for me which gives me a total of 14ish inches in length which is perfect!  It is exactly the same length as my tank top and since I always wear and extra long cami under my clothes it'll be perfect :)

Those stripes I love.  I can hardly wait to get that baby soaking in a bath and watch the yarn relax and fill out the pattern.  Everything will look that much prettier once the blocking has happened :)  Still there are two sleeves left and I for one am looking forward to have less that 100 stitches on my needles :)

How is your sweater coming along?  I'm so close to finishing I can taste it! In fact I'm already planning my next sweater, well sweaters as one is going to be a baby sweater (seriously, baby season is upon us).  I promise when I'm done to have someone wonderful take photos for me so I can show it off in its true splendor :)


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