Wednesday, August 1, 2012

just a wee bit of progress...

I missed you all last week but life prevented me from posting.  First in that the computer went wako and my Tech Support Hubby had to back up everything and do a system restart (if you understand that kudos to you).  Also last week was VBS at church so I was busy baking goodies and making sure my kids didn't break anything :) So it's been 2 weeks and boy have I got some progress to show you on my sweater....

See that body?  Crazy right?  Well, probably not crazy as this is the only project I'm knitting on at the moment  for two reasons, I don't have time for another project and I love this project I don't want to start anything until it's finished (see, I'm not turning into a monogamous knitter).  Still, even with my monogamy to this project it is taking time as life got crazy busy.  Still I'm half way done with the body then I'll get to do the sleeves...

Which I'm excited for.  I'm only on my third ball of yarn and it's only half used so I'm totally confidant that I'll have plenty of yarn :)  Now that the body is coming along you can really see the umbrellas pop which of course is great!

I'm hopeful (if not a bit deragned) to have the body finished in the next week (really it'll probably be 2) so I can start on the sleeves.

Well, there it is.  Progress and insanity, two things that make my life complete :)  In other news my birthday is Sunday and tomorrow is my party and I am convinced I need make a new outfit...I'd say for both but I'm not sure I'm that crazy and because I want to knit more than I want to sew :)


  1. Beautiful sweater! Happy early Birthday to you! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful! I love the umbrellas! Happy early birthday!


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