Wednesday, July 18, 2012

and then there was scrap yarn...

It's true my sweater no longer looks like a hat for a giant but now an actual sweater with sleeves...

well maybe not sleeves exactly but at least there are stitches on scrap yarn marking wear sleeves will one day be :)

Since this is a top down I decided to try it on, make sure it wasn't too big or worse too small.  Drumroll...

It fits!  I have to say that I am entirely happy that I chose to knit the 36/38 size instead of the 40/42 because it's obvious that the 40 would have been too big. 

I'm gonna have to get some measurements and see when I want to start the waist shaping, that's probably the only modification that I'll be making, I'll put the decreases for my waist where, well my actual waist is :)

This past Sunday I took the some of the kids to the park (Husband was sick)...

I got to knit a little while I was there

It was awesome.

Well there you have it scrap yarn, parks and sleeves!  And oh yes, a giveaway as promised.  Nothing too spectacular, just an apron...

I saw this fabric and it cried to me to make it into an apron, so I obligied :)  I think it's perfect for summer and will be great on the dark, long winter day's to help brighten your kitchen and lighten the workload of cooking :) 

So just leave a comment below, if you need help thinking of something to say you could tell a joke, write a limmerick, or even give me a math problem to work on :)  Just be nice and in a couple weeks I'll pick a lucky winner at random.  (please for my sake and yours leave someway to be contacted via email or if your name links to your email that works too)

Hope you have a day that's sunny side up and get knitting :)

*Disclaimer*  I just want to clear the air in that I'm giving this apron away for fun and for no other reason.  I love to make things and give them away and I love making new friends :)


  1. Oooh your umbrellas is looking terrific! Well done!

  2. Your umbrella sweater is looking great. Good luck with the fitting!

  3. As usual you are making me want to cast on for this right away. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm on a yarn diet and don't have the right yarn for this sweater right now, because I have a lot of other projects to work on.

  4. Love the way this combo of scrap yarns look! I think this might be my next combo for a kids/baby hat with all the new babys being born in our circle of friends.

  5. Amazing job so far on the sweater! Wowww!

  6. Your sweater is looking awesome!!!!!!!! Love it on you!!! yay for a good fit!

  7. ahh I'm so excited to get to where you are! yay for pushing me along! thank you :) looks so great!

  8. You're so talented! Loving the design and colors in your sweater!

  9. OK, I'm a little behind in reading your blog, but here I am! Maybe sometime over the next year you can give me a knitting lesson. I can crochet, but I've never tried knitting. I love your sweater! And I totally love the apron! I am an apron freak, and where one every day when I'm cooking.


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