Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2 weeks in...

So I'm 2 weeks into my sweater  for the KAL at luvinthemommyhood and what to I have to show for it?  This, this is what I have...

UMBRELLAS!!!  Yes those are UMBRELLAS!  I love it already and can hardly wait to finish!!!!!

I finished the fair isle last night, finished a decrease round and now I'm placing stitch markers for the raglan increases.  I'm 13 3/4 rounds from dividing for the body and sleeves!!!  This is so exciting.

Speaking of stitch markers, what do you think of mine...

Everyone uses their daughters hair elastics for stitch markers right?  Haha!  I can never seem to keep track of stitch markers...I have hundreds floating around in my house but can barely find 1 for a beginning of round  marker so I go back to the hair elastics :)  I drool over markers like these...
Drops of Rainbow Stitch Markers from Charming Beadz
or these...
Musical Non Snag Stitch Markers by winemakerssister
and would love to get some like this...
Owl Knitting Stitch Markers by lavenderhillknits

but in all honesty I'd rather spend what little yarn budget I have on actual yarn and patterns than cute stitch markers.  I do however have a birthday coming up wink wink :)

So tell me, what do you think of the sweater progress?  What do you use for stitch markers?  Speaking of gifts I feel it's time to do another's been a while.  Next week I'll have something fun to give away :)


  1. Oh, I am loving your umbrellas, it is looking amazing!
    Stitch markers - I use the run of the mill type, the little clippy thingy :-D Keep them in my handy tupperware in my project bag so they are ready at a moments notice!
    Can't wait for next week ;-)

  2. Looking awesome! I am hopelessly addicted to stich markers and buffy you'd be surprised at how inexpensive it is to make your own. I'm sure with your crafty talents some beads and cheap earring/jewelry supplies you would have a wicked collection!

  3. Oh the colours.....lovely.
    This is a must for me when i figure out fair isle.

  4. Love this pattern! And your choice of orange for the umbrellas. Just what an umbrella should be, bright and happy!

  5. Looks great! And I love your improvised stitch markers, I started off with some scrap yarn, but was lucky enough to wina set ina give- away....I guard those with my life....hihihhii. i am prtyy excited about my own project too, think I'll end up wearing it quite a bit. Dividing for sleeves!

  6. I just use cheap plastic ones and am constantly loose them. I have two pretty ones and am much more careful with them.maybe if you invest in some cute ones, you will spend less time hunting them down.

    And while I have already let you know how much I love your umbrellas, I have to say it again. Such a great pattern.

  7. It's looking so great! I'm actually the same about stitch markers the only ones I've ever bought are the simple rubbery ones. I have fancy ones, but I didn't buy them myself and they are scattered throughout all my projects, so I use the rubbery ones most often. I hope you get some gorgeous ones for your birthday! :D

  8. For stitch markers I use my fiance's hair elastics because mine are too thick. These are the benefits of living with a metal head. Also your fair isle is so nicely done! Do you do English in one hand and Continental in the other?

  9. yay! The umbrellas coming to life! Love it.
    And you are clever. Those elastic stitch markes are awesome. I once used bread tags. LOL


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