Wednesday, July 4, 2012

what they call obsessed...

It's true I'm obsessed.  Completely and unabashedly obsessed.  With Sherlock...
wait, wait, wait...I meant to say with my Umbrellas sweater :)

though as a side note how awesome is the name Benedict Cumberbatch?  I mean come on, can it get more British?  The man has amazing parents!  I of course deduced this from his name ;)

Okay, back on topic.  Knitting.  Fair Isle.  Sweaters.  Summertime.

I got the extra yarn I ordered.

I was over-the-top excited when I pulled them out of the bag. 

Look at the cake of yarn, that is what I had before.  They match perfectly!  I mean perfectly!   Considering that I didn't have the color number or dye lot for the yarn I had on hand...I just remembered the brand I think I got blessed by the Knitting Fairies :)  I promise, Fairies I'll pay it forward.

love the umbrella tops <3

Can I just say I love this sweater?  Oh, wait I just did :)  Honestly, I haven't found any errors or problems in the pattern though that doesn't mean I haven't made any.  It probably would go easier if I marked the fair isle pattern repeat but I can't find my stitch markers and I don't want to buy anymore.  I did have to go and buy another needle as my 29-inch just was too short for the 300+ sts and I still have one more row of increases!

Even though the pattern is knit with sock weight yarn it's really knit up at a DK gauge which doesn't bother me in the least.  Right now I'm following the pattern for the 36/38 but I may change it up after the split for the body and go up to the 40/42, I've had 5 babies people so I don't want to draw too much attention to the tummy but I did want some negative ease.  We'll see.  Once I'm done with fair isle pattern I'll try it on.

For those knitting along with me how is your sweater going?  Are you obsessed as me?  Personally I blame the obsession on watch Sherlock for most of the sweater, how can you watch that show and not become obsessed I don't know?  Seriously that show exudes obsession and compulsiveness :)  If you haven't watched it yet you won't regret it!  BBC Masterpiece Mystery...on Netflix!  I'll see you all next week now I'm off to celebrate Independence Day by sewing, knitting and eating yummy food :) 


  1. Well done - I am loving your umbrellas!
    Now, if this isn't a sweater that is meant to be made then I don't know!!

  2. looks great to far!! I'm just getting to the umbrellas - cant WAIT!!

  3. Think I'm gonna have to add this sweater to my 'to do' list.
    Gorgeous colours.

  4. looking so great buffy! you know i have not heard of the show sherlock. ha. but canada doesn't get the best selection on netflix as the u.s. does..... hrmmmm..... but now i'm wanting to re-watch downton for some reason. ha.

    1. There is some service that we just got that's $5 a month and gives you a US IP address and it magically turns your Canadian Netflix into a US Netflix account. So worth it!

  5. I keep hearing about this BBC Sherlock Holmes thing and now that we have our U.S. IP address set up, I can watch American Netflix, finally! So far it's just been Louie and Star Trek: The Next Generation but I'll need something else to watch while I'm knitting my pattern. Also - I LOVE your colour choices. And you've gotten so much done! I am not finished the cowl of mine yet, mind you - I do have two projects on the go so I'll chalk my slowness up to that. Looking forward to next week's update!

  6. First off, thank you ladies for your sweet comments! I truly feel like this is going to be my fave sweater this fall and if I keep up at the rate I'm going I'll have it finished waaaaay before the deadline :)

    Lindsay and Becca YOU HAVE to watch this show! Season 2 is still on the PBS website (I linked it in the post). It's Sherlock set in the 21st century and ohmygoodness I love it! Amazing...I just want to watch the episodes over and over again :) Soooooo good :)

  7. Lookin' good! I have been lured by many tales of love for it to watch Sherlock. I'm trying to get the boyfriend on board so we can watch it together. :)

  8. I don't have a Netflix. There are so many shows I want to watch from the beginning. Seriously, I would almost consider dropping my cable for a netflix account. But then I would miss my hockey games and that just can't be allowed.

    As for your umbrellas, I am almost jealous I picked something else. It is gorgeous.

  9. Ness- I made Husband watch the shows with me but since he fell asleep through two of them I've decided they weren't as exciting for him as they were for me :/ Still I will watch them :)

    Sara- you should make umbrellas! It's so much fun though whatever you knit will be equally gorgeous :)


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