Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So I Observed Lent...


I didn't blog about this earlier partly because I was so busy, though mostly because it was an extremely personal decision and I wanted to see it to the end before broadcasting it to the world.  However on February 22, 2012 I gave up almost all refined sugar for Lent.  Almost meaning I allowed natural sugars (fruit, honey), ate bread with sugar if it was pre-made (if I made it, it was sugar free), I also allow yogurt and organic cane juice.  I also allowed Sunday's to be a day a celebration and if I was offered sugar I didn't refuse... incidentally only 2 Sunday's were opportunities to imbibe in sugar.

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What I learned is:

1) I have amazing self-control when I place God in control of my appetite
2) Creativity in the kitchen.  Stevia, true stevia not Truvia, is wonderful and actually too sweet for me but great for making pudding.
3) I have a fabulous husband who made me a chocolate sauce from honey, cocoa powder & water.
4) The first week is the hardest.
5) I feel a deep sense of self-worth, an appreciation of what I accomplished and of my closer relationship with the Lord.

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Honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to do.  Giving up on things hasn't always been my best attribute. Yet for almost 40 days I have abstained from sugar.


Do I plan to go back, yes and no.  Everyone preaches moderation and now on the other end of the fast I know I can bring that into the picture.  Before I was so accustomed and addicted to the idea of sweet treats that I consumed too much without thinking.  Yet now I weigh my food choices more intelligently.  I think before I eat and eat not out of want but of need.  Also, I've lost 12 pounds and this is the only change I made, this tells me how important I keep on top of the sweets.

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Tomorrow I'm going to break my fast...not sure with what but I will make it and keep my portion small.   I am excited but fretful too, for now I'll only allow a sweet treat once a week.

What about you?  Any sacrifices you've made give back double?  Something you'd like to give up?  Let's chat!


  1. That's great that you made the 40 days! I'll have to think about sugar for myself next year. I gave up makeup for Lent. I know this sounds like an odd thing (esp. here in the south where women think it's impolite to go outside without lipstick on), but for me vanity has always been an issue. I instead used the extra time to concentrate on my quiet time, which I am grateful for. It took the focus off myself and made me think about God in a deeper way. I made the 40 days and am now enjoying a simplified routine.

    1. Thanks Teri! I didn't think it odd that you gave up make-up. I too struggle with vanity (I believe we all do...sorta conditioned to by the media), it makes it hard too when I have a blog with a crafty tilt. When does sharing what I've made with the world cross the line of being proud of your accomplishment and being boastful?

      I'm happy you found a way to simplify your routine and focus more on the Lord!


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