Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Great Quilt Search

Doesn't that sound exciting?  A great quilt search...

Yesterday I said that I was going to make a quilt this month and with all the other projects I have going on I have to have a pattern decided on and quick!  I want something simple enough to put together quickly but not so simple I'm bored.  Actually I'm already set for a pattern, but what's the harm in showing off some Quilt Luv?


source 1, source 2
Aren't they all beautiful?  I have a lovely pinboard with lots of quilt pics.  Looking through it makes me wish I was more of a quilter, but it's the piecing that gets to me.  So tedious and time consuming and really I do prefer making clothes, but I am determined to make a quilt this month.  It might not get quilted...but I'm hopeful (read in overly ambitious).

This is the quilt I'm going to make...
The pattern is Picnic Quilt found in Sandi Henderson's Sewing Bits & Pieces book.  This pattern appeals to me because you fold under the curve before you sew, pin rows 1 & 2 together and then stitch the entire row at one time...no little piecing.  I'm sure it will take me longer than the 'weekend' project it claims to be.  Also I'm going to *gasp* cut into my vintage sheets for this.  Partly because I've needed a great reason to cut into them and a quilt for endometriosis awareness is a fabulous reason.  The other part is because their mostly yellow, must be attracted those yellow flowers :)  

I'm very excited and think you should be too!

Tell me are you quilter or non-quilter?  Any quilt patterns you're crushing on?  A goal you've set out to meet this month? It's spring break this week, I'm without a car, stuck at home with all my kids so let's chat!  I've got coffee and hot cocoa to spare :)

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