Monday, April 2, 2012

I Missed It!

Okay, so I totally had it in my mind that Endometriosis Awareness month was in April...but it's was in March!  I was so certain that it was April that I went back to March of '11 on my Facebook timeline only to discover how wrong I is March and I missed it!  Dang!

Though I'm quite certain that all my friends with it will forgive me for missing out and since there truly isn't a bad month to promote awareness of any illness or lifelong condition I'm going to stick to my plan and bring awareness in April!

Now, I don't suffer from this condition however I have what seems to me to be and alarming number of friends that do.  To be completely honest I'm not sure why this disease strikes me with such compassion for the inflicted.  Perhaps it's because I have a great number of friends with it.  That it is incurable.  That many people still don't know about it.  Those are all good reasons, but I'm fairly certain the reason is that it afflicts only women, affects them every. single. day.  Just like any disease one has good days and bad days, but these women if they're lucky are Mommas caring for their babies day in and day out and sometimes while in extreme pain for multiple days.

That is what pulls at my heart.  I know how hard it is for me to care for my children while sick but I'm relatively healthy and sick days are few and far between...nothing on a consistent, sometimes monthly basis.

I really don't know a whole bunch about this illness but I do know how to help a hurting friend, how to comfort those in need and how to make life just a little easier for someone in distress.  So this month I've decided to make a quilt...yes, a quilt (see Shannon, you've convinced me).  I haven't decided what to do with it yet but I'm sure the Lord will direct my path in that regard.  Also, I'm going to make the conscious decision to sew mostly with yellow this month...I may even have to buy some fabric.  Yellow is the color associated with the awareness of this disease.

Also I'm going to be posting some ideas for helping our fellow Mommas out when they're sick and need help.  In addition I'll be doing my own research and sharing it with you all here.

Even if you don't know someone afflicted with this disease (which is highly unlikely as it is estimated that 89 million girls and women have this source 1 source 2) you probably do know someone afflicted with a long term illness that doesn't allow them to always enjoy the joys of life with kids...or even the pitfalls of parenting.  The tips I'll be sharing won't be new but will easily translate into caring for others facing long term illness.

Here's to a great week, may my dear friends suffering with this find hope and encouragement this month and may we all strive to see those hurting around us and do something to help.  

If you feel so inclined to do your own research here is a great starting point.


  1. Awwww, thanks so much Buffy! You rock girl! Love you for your spirit and your kind and oh, so generous heart <3

    1. You are so welcome! Honestly it is my pleasure :) I just wish that I had remembered this in time.


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