Friday, March 2, 2012

Shower Gifts

So I didn't mean to go radio silent on you guys, it's just that I have been hard at work on my crafty endevors and well...blogging sort of got left behind.  So sorry.  I'll make it up to you now by showing off not just one, but TWO finished projects.  I've been sewing and knitting up a storm over hear...I'm hoping it's the kind of storm that brings sunshine ;)

Last night I went to a baby shower and well of course I had to make something for the baby, it was for a dear friend who is expecting her second baby girl any day now.  So with my needles I whipped up this adorable sweater,

If you've been around blogland for any amount of time you've probably seen this pattern, it's the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker.  I think I first saw it when Shannon made one and knew that the next baby that came (not my own) would get this.  Bonus it's a free pattern for the smallest size, though there is a pattern for larger sizes.

Vinny picked out the buttons and I do say he did a fabulous job.  The sweater is a top-down so there aren't any seams.  The most sewing you do is the buttons.  The mother proclaimed upon receipt of it that "Side buttons are my favorite."  I think it was a winner.

Of course no shower gift from me can be complete without baby shoes,

I just love these Little London Loafers.  This is the smallest size and they just use scraps, scraps I tell you of fabric.  One of the guests at the shower told me I should sell them, maybe I will one day.  

I didn't have any velcro squares so I opted for a snap...I was mildly disappointed in the pearl snaps that I used (not Dritz, so other off brand) as they cracked when I set them.  Still, you won't get cut on them but it did mar the beauty of the pearl top.  Note to self: Get more pretty snaps of quality.  Honestly I'm in love with quick and easy and they add in my mind a professional look to them.

Of course for gifts it's all in the presentation so I whipped up a cute little box out of scrapbook paper, a few cotton balls in the toe of the shoes and I had this picture perfect gift to present.

Based off of all the other gifts received this baby will be one stylish girl!

So what have you been up too?  Any projects you're dying to show off?  I'd love to see anything you've made.  Next week is packed with projects to show off for you so no fears of me being silent forever!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I especially love the little adorable. Love the sweater and the packaging too!

  2. aww those are wonderful gifts! xo


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