Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sock Luv

I'm dreaming of sock knitting...

Love Bugs


I don't know quite what the allure of sock knitting is for me, I know that not all knitters love to knit socks.  Some love to knit them but have trouble casting on for the second pair but for me...well I just always seem to have a bad case of startitus when I catch the sock fever coupled with the fact that I love the patterned socks so much more than the plain socks which makes the portability of sock knitting not so great.   Though I'm fairly certain my favorite part is actually searching out the perfect sock pattern as the pictures convey them in their finished perfection.

Now I've made these Turkish Bed Socks a couple times...
Turkish Bed Socks

They're a pretty quick knit as far as socks go and the construction is pretty fascinating.  I also have been working on (for longer than I care to admit) a pair of these socks...
Bacchus Socks
They actually aren't as complicated as they look the only problem I had is that I kept breaking the needles (wooden size 1s aren't that strong).  So the second sock got stalled a long time, because when all the extra needles broke I couldn't find the size of dpn's I wanted in metal at the stores...so they've been hibernating a while.  I did dig them up a month or so ago but had other projects that I needed to work on.  Maybe this year I'll finish them up, perhaps make another pair?  We'll see.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need some new dpn's because I do not like the magic loop for sock knitting...drives me batty.

So how's that for some sock love?  Does it make you find your favorite pair of socks, put them on and curl up with a good book?  I know I do!  Here's to sock knitting...or finding someone who will knit them for us ;)


  1. I wouldn't mind trying socks one day except that I have trouble even with size 4s after a while. My wrists really kill. I don't think I've ever used the 2s or 1s, forget the 0s in my needle case (I bought a wholesale set of dpns and circulars w/every size from 00 to 15 when I first started knitting!)!!
    The socks are pretty though, but I think I will stick to baby yarn and worsted yarn for a while, yet. I'd love to see what you end up making though! ;)

    1. Well the Turkish Bed Socks are knit on 3s and if you were to knit with a sport weight you could prolly pull them off with a 4. Of course there are tons of patterns, equally as cute, that call for sport or even worsted weight yarn. The only problem with the thicker yarn is that they tend to wear out faster than the fingering weight. Still to each their own, my hands can't really handle needles over a 10.5 they're way too big. I really ought to cast on for some plain vanilla socks just to have a portable project all the time...I'm just not a fan of self patterning yarn and striped yarn has to be pretty wow! for me to buy.

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