Friday, February 3, 2012

Random Friday

1.  Today is Friday.  I'd say that it is one of my busier days of the week but really every day is busy with 5 kids.

2.  Yesterday was Thursday.  I know, I'm sure I've shocked you for certain with that little tidbit of information but alas it is true.  Thursday used to be my busy day but yesterday was much more relaxed than it has been in months...I loved it.

3.  I sewed last night.  This is a good thing for me and as long as the camera, internet and all other techie related stuff play nicely I should have pictures soon.

4.  I really, really, really, really....really, really want to knit myself a fingering weight cardigan sweater.

5.  I'm really, really, really, really...really, really nervous to knit myself a fingering weight cardigan sweater.

6.  I'm at war within myself.

7.  I think I'll just knit hats and mitts for myself...maybe I'll sew myself a lightweight cardigan.

8,  I'm buying myself hair dye today...not sure what color yet though I'm leaning towards dark cherry red.

9.  I'll post pictures when I'm done so long as the techie stuff from #3 applies.

10.  Random isn't just random with's quirky!

What can I say I'm a bit random today?  Better go double check my to do lists and shopping lists as well.  Oh and for the record I randomly placed pics of my kids in throughout the post but I'm not sure it looks all that random...what are your thoughts?  Here's to a randomly perfect and hilarious day!

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  1. haha buffy, this was a great post! you can totally knit yourself a fingerweight cardi! but it just might take a while :) do you want to do hannah fettig's pattern? what colour, which yarn? excited to see pics of your sewing and your new hair! also, loove the pics of your kids. what silly little kiddos they are. xo


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