Monday, February 13, 2012

Lovelies for a Monday

To be adventurous this week...

To see the beauty that surrounds me...


To dig up pictures of Husband and me and do this...


To add a second story to our house just so I can put this staircase in...

To one day be brave enough to dye my hair this color...


Sorry, I didn't mean to take a mini vacation but the internet was having issues, which means I was having issues.  There are still a few more kinks to work out with the internet but at least I can now get on and actually do something instead of just waiting for pages to load.

I'm still having some technical issues (ie my camera) so I have no recent photos to share so Pinterest will have to do.  However, as soon as that glitch get fixed (hopefully with the purchase of a new camera) I will have photos and all kinds of cool stuff to share with you all.  I have been sewing though some of it has been utterly frustrating.  Also I've been knitting and hope to have a few FOs soon.

I wish you all a happy Monday!

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