Friday, December 30, 2011

The Medium Goal

On Wednesday I shared my small goals, most of which are one time goals for the month of January.  (I'm still on the prowl for some accountability buddies for some of those goals)  So today I want to share with you my medium goal, To Redecorate the Kids Rooms.

We live in a tiny house and Thaddeus (the baby) is very particular in how he sleeps...meaning he sleeps in his own room.  We only have 3 rooms in our house so this means that the other 4 kids sleep in one room.  Currently this is how they sleep...

As you can see it works but it isn't using the room to the best advantage.  What I want is to have double bunk beds built to go along the long wall with drawers underneath.  I even have a picture that as inspired this goal...
try this via Buffy on Pinterest

My favorite part of this is that the beds are like berths on a ship and have the curtains for each bed.  I imagine that the curtains will be perfect for keeping in the warmth in the cold winters and keeping the light out of early summer hours.  I do love the nautical theme but not sure if we'll go that route.  I will need a theme once we start painting and getting supplies.  Themes and decorating ideas is where you lovely people come in, I kneed your help!  I'm not the best decorator in the world...but I'm pretty good at copying others fantastic ideas.

So I started a pin board on Pinterest that is open to contributors (if you aren't able to contribute email me and I'll add you).  I'm hoping to find a theme that appeals to both boys and princesses alike.  Also it has to be fairly classic too.  I'm not planning on redecorating for 5 years or more at which point Lincoln will be 13.  Other things that I would like ways to make a small space feel big, organization for toys, clothes, bedding, books...pretty much everything 4 kids need in their room.

Also the wardrobe will stay but the red dresser can be repurposed or passed on.  My goal is to be done by the end of June, six months.  My small term goal for January on the project is to get measurements of the room, start pricing the cost for the bunk beds and come up with a reasonable budget for the project.  I'll be looking for the perfect theme too, but I imagine it won't be completely solidified until February or March.

Only one more goal to share and it happens to be the one I'm most excited about too!  How are your new year goal plans coming along?  Have any small goals you'd like to share?  Go ahead jump in and dream big then make the plans to make your dreams a reality!


  1. what a wonderful goal, buffy! i bet the kids are excited about it too!! i'll be sure to keep my eye out on pinterest for ya too! xo

  2. This goal thing is growing on me. Maybe I'll make a few goals after all?! I love your inspiration picture...I'll be on the lookout for more! I love the nautical theme, but you could do a medieval castle theme? It works for knights and princesses!

  3. I to love too decorate. January is my decorating month. It gives me something to look forward to after Christmas and gets me thinking about something so I don't mind the endless rain. First on my list is the laundry room. It isn't terrible but it need to run smoother and a little color change. I am excited to get going on it. I have looked at tons of pics online and I am finding some good ideas. I will keep you in mind while looking. Love your bunk bed idea.

  4. Thank you all for you lovely comments!

    Michelle, I told you goals are pretty awesome. I like the medieval theme too, so we'll see.

    Becca & Joy, thanks for you encouragement. The bunk beds are central in the fact that they are necessary but as they say 'Necessity is the mother of all invention.'


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