Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes a Boy is Just a Boy

My older boys!

It is true, sometimes a boy is just a boy I should know I have four.  Still even amidst the copious amounts of testosterone in my house I so often forget it.  Many of you know that my oldest son, Lincoln, was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome the spring before his 6th birthday.  Asperger's falls under the umbrella term of Autism which is just a term used to diagnose kids with certain developmental disabilities and at times behavioral ones to.  Lincoln is a blessing to our family and I wouldn't change him for anything, he has a unique take on life and views the world around him with different lenses that color my world with blessings and trials.

Part of the struggle of parenting a child with any disability, but especially one that deals with both behavior and development is determining whether the behavior and actions you're seeing in your child has to do with the disability or if it is just the child.  I am coming to find out for my son that more often than not it is more a case of "He's an eight-year-old boy" than "He has Asperger's."

This actually makes my life easier.  For when he is simply being a boy I know that there is hope in that this stage won't last forever.  That I can teach him, or Husband can teach him, what he needs to know so he can grow into the man God has destined him to become.

So whether your child is a boy or a girl, disabled or not remember that Sometimes a Boy is Just a Boy...unless she's a girl and that time is the ultimate healer of the struggle you're facing today.

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