Monday, December 19, 2011

Starting to Freak Out Here... via rebecca on pinterest
Okay, so I'm mildly freaking out here.  Christmas is in less than a week and suddenly I feel completely out of time!

I could give you a laundry list of the things left to be done in the gift making department but really the thing that has me nervous is the stocking stuffers...when will I have time to shop for them?  In addition to that I have yet to take the kids shopping for Husband.  I have gifts for the kids to make for each other (which of course they need serious help with).  Add on top of that I have a gift that isn't going to work (this year at least).  Nothing to make your heart pound like finding out the gift you had planned on being simple turning into something hard and time I'm scrapping it for my sanity in hopes of finding a more time realistic gift...still searching.
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To make matters infinitely worse, my only two pairs of jeans (my only pants) have holes in them so now (yes I could patch them, but still that cuts into my gift making time) I'm having a warring feelings about making new clothes/buying them for myself with the whole making gifts in addition to trying to make what I have work until the new year!  Ugh!!!

Worse than all of this is that I just started reading a deliciously wonderful book and am having a hard time putting it down.
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What I need now is a plan...something to help me get through the next 48 hours and back into sanity.  I think that I just might take the kiddos out today for Christmas shopping...though that could prove to be insane as well, especially with my wardrobe issues...

I'll let you know how it goes :)


So are you freaking out yet?  Have all your gifts bought and wrapped?  We have a strict rule no pressies under the tree until Christmas Eve (ever tried to keep a toddler from unwrapping gifts before Christmas?) so I am not even worried about the wrapping...yet :)  I think the house just might stay trashed for a while


  1. oh buffy, i think we are all feeling a little short of breath and out of time :) you'll be ok. promises. maybe christmas shopping will be good, cause then you can cross that off your list. and who knows, there are a lot of pre boxing week sales going on (at least here in canada there are).. maybe you can scoop a pair of jeans, or super awesome comfies, or a cute skirt. xo i bet we'll all be up late this week crafting.. just let me know if you want to chat! xo

  2. I hear ya Buffy. Same goes here. All the xmas shopping I have left to do is for the kids but I can't shop with when??Aiayaya...I'm also panicking slightly with gift making cause both kiddos are sick and have put a big damper on my crafting time. i'm worn out.

    I hope all works out and you know who to email when you need to vent or come chat in the xmas knitting 911 group. We'll rally around ya :)


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