Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'll keep this short

Don't laugh, I can be quick.  Honestly I have to be because I still have to get dressed and I was hoping to get SOME crafting done before I have somewhere to be.

Right now I'm working on what I am considering my finest project, a Western Shirt...can't say who it's for or show pics (surprises you know) but lets just say I'm pulling out all the works on this puppy!  Including but not limited to flat felled seams, hand stitching the collar, pearl snaps, even pockets with stitching detail.

I'm wanting to do something just a little extra, like a little embroidery but the recipient isn't into that decorative stuff, so it would have to be small.

Last thing...my kids are awesome!  I woke up to them this morning playing together happily :)  Made my heart grow three sizes too big :)


Late night sewing here I come!  What about you?  Working on anything hush hush but dying to tell someone?  I promise I can keep a secret :)

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