Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starting Out Small

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One should not be nearly as excited about setting goals as I am.  However, it is true.  It surprises me how analytical I can be especially since I'm am very much a right-brained, creative person...though I imagine a large part of my analytical thinking comes from being married to Mr. Left-Brained for almost 10 years (more on that later).  Still, I've always loved lists and crossing off the stuff on my list so maybe it's always been there just under the surface.

Today I'm going to share the small goals that I have, most of these are just for the month of January and many are just specific goals to achieve a lot of those things that I say to myself all the time.  For instance I'm often wishing that I would drink more water or that I read the Bible more or that I was nicer to the kids.  These little wishes can become reality with a little planning and a plan of attack!

Monday I sat down and wrote out all the areas in my life I'd like to improve on, areas I wanted to grow in the new year.  Spiritual, Marriage, Parenting, Knitting, Music, Health, Writing, Giving, Sewing and Organization...that may seem like a lot of areas, but not all of them will get a big fact only 3 of those areas will take 6 months or more to achieve my goal.  The others are areas that I can make small monthly goals.

Perhaps in February I'll decide that some of those areas can wait another month, or severely step back from the amount of time I put into it.  Yet, I talked these small goals over with my Love and he agreed that they are completely doable...provided that I give some stuff up.  Yes, I may not get to watch as much television as I have, or I may have to wake up earlier to get it done but that is part of the growth.  Determining what is important to you and making the decision to change and giving up on something for something that you value more.

For my Spiritual Goal I plan to read the entire Bible in a Year.  I will achieve this by reading a little bit everyday.  I have an app on my phone YouVersion that has reading plans, including a Chronological Bible in a Year.  I will also read it in The Message as it is a much more fluid version and it will be more likely that I will continue with the reading.

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My Health Goal in January is to drink at least 5-8 oz glasses of water a day, everyday.
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My Knitting Goal is to knit my husband a sweater.

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Husband and I have a goal for our marriage to institute a date night at least once a month.

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For Music I am going to push myself to practice my violin for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

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For Writing, I want to spend 10 minutes writing, 3 days a week.

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For Parenting, I want to compliment each of my children at least 3 times a day, everyday.

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Additionally I want to blog at least 3 times a week.

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Now of course I have more goals, those are a bit larger.  These are the small ones.  I'll be keeping track of my progress on goal for it!  This is a really cool website that not only helps you build your goals but will send out reminders to you when you want them.  I put my health, Bible reading, music, writing, blogging and parenting goal on a chore chart.  I can print off the chart and manually track my progress and I can update it online.
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I have determined that if I complete my goals at least 70% of the time I will reward myself with $ for Starbucks.  Obviously, I want to achieve my goals 100% however, I know that with 5 kids life can turn crazy in an instant and that I don't want to deter myself in future goals if I miss a day.  Though I will get more money for coffee the better I achieve my goal.

So now that you've had a little bit to think do you have any goals for the new year?  Are you looking for a Friend to help you reach your goals?  Comment below and let's work together and realize the best year is still in the future!


  1. Great goals, Buffy. However, my favorite part is that you have a reward plan built in!

  2. so good to have these wonderful goals! i know you can achieve them! we can virtually cheers with starbucks :) xo


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