Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Legging Crazy!

Well as you might have guessed from the title I've gone a little crazy making leggings for the princess.  Yes, I made them and they are soooooooo easy.  If you're lucky like me super cheap too :) Because for these babies I was only out the cost of elastic, thread and a ball point needle for my machine (plus time too).  That's right, practically free.

The pattern was a pair of super cute leggings we got for free (thank you hand-me downs) that Elsa got a ridiculous stain on that I couldn't get out.  So instead of fretting about it I got cutting.  I carefully cut along the seams and used it for the perfect pattern.  Then with some jersey fabric I had been given (or in some cases took from my mom, thanks mom!) I had 4...yes four pairs cut out.  Wanna see?  Of course you do!

I love this fabric!  It seems very retro and truthfully I wish I had enough of the fabric to make ME as pair of leggings....

Some really nice solid pink ones...I may need to cut out more of these as Elsa loves PINK!  Can you blame her though?  She does have 4 brothers :)

And what little girl's wardrobe is complete without a pair of pink flip flop leggings?  She loves these, unfortunately they are a little tight and won't fit her for long (the fabric wasn't as stretchy as I thought) but never fear there is more fabric and I think I can spare enough for one more pair :)

I saved my favorite pair for last!  I cannot tell you how ridiculously proud of them I am!  It took me at least 20 minutes to cut out because I wanted every line to match up when I sewed them together...so I cut out each piece one at a time.  The extra time to line up the stripes was totally worth it!  Every time I see her in them I'm like 'Wow, I made those!'

The best part about them is you can make them super fast (minus cutting out).  I had 3 pairs cut out just waiting to be sewn and then Sunday afternoon just HAD to make something for someone else.  An hour later I had all three sewn up.  

Now I am smart enough to figure this out on my own, however the inspiration to actually do it came from make it and love it.  If you need more directions on the process I would definitely check it out.  I personally don't have a twin needle like she suggests, I just did two rows of stitching on the hem to mimic it. 

Leggings around here are a necessity for girls if you're gonna wear dresses in the winter.  So now Elsa is all set...now my turn!


So what do you think?  Have you caught the fever yet?  I'm so excited and now that it's November you can expect more gift sewing to be popping up on here!

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