Friday, October 28, 2011

To Wendylicious

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You know it is my intention to make you all wish to be my very best friend so that I'll do an entire blog post dedicated to you.  I mean really, who doesn't love it when life is all about them?  I know I'll be checking my inbox for the overflow of bestie love from you know ;)

All silliness aside tomorrow marks an auspicious lovely friend Wendy has a birthday.  I will be nice and leave the year she marks off this post, however I want to wish her as much happiness as I possibly can in a blog post :)

If you need a proper introduction Wendy is the girl to give it.  Seriously, every.single.time she introduces me to someone new I feel like this...
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She really knows how to make you feel on top of the world :)
Also she is an amazing writer....
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I love how she sees the little details that I miss and that her imagination is only comparable to a 5 year's that AMAZING!

She loves books almost as much as me...
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She love tea...
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though she does love coffee too...
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Honestly I could go on forever and still not tell you all the reasons I love her.  Truth be told some days I envy her for while we share some similar interests she has characteristics and abilities that I would love to have.  We've been friends for a while and I plan on being friends for much longer and every year she becomes more of a sister than just a friend to me.

Happy Birthday my Wonderful Friend!  


PS You're gonna love your gift :)

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  1. What a sweet post for your friend. Two thoughts: (1)Does Wendylicious have a blog so I can be her friend, too? (2) What did you give her? I want to see!


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