Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well Today is Gonna Be Lazy...

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Yes, that's right today I bailing on all my plans...I've got one goal in mind: to sit on the couch and knit as much as the kiddos will let me.
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I'm gonna let the house go as much as I can stand
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I'm gonna drink copious amounts of tea
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Eat cupcakes

And pray that my littles feel better soon, and so do I
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Well the littles have been fighting a cold for a while and I'm not feeling great today either.  I think it's time for a family sick day.  I'll put in lots of movies for the kids, make simple meals and if necessary drug them to take naps ;) (just j/k...though they may need some medicine)  I'm hoping that a slow day is just what they need.  So I'm gonna go get my mug full of tea, hop over to Twist Collective and check out the latest edition prepared for crazy pinning...then I'll let the kiddos watch tv and a few movies while I wind yarn, knit on my sweater and hopefully get some rest :)


I hope you all are healthy and feeling 100% today.  Though if you're only at 98% why not join me on the lazy side?  I've got tea, pumpkin apple butter and lot's of cake :)  

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  1. that's hard, not feeling well yourself while having to care for littles... i hope the whole family is starting to feel a bit better today after some rest!


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