Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Thursday

1. I hate flies.  Seriously, they drive me nuts!  They are just so gross, fast, ugly and well a nuisance.  I understand that God made them for a purpose, but really couldn't they procreate just a little slower?

2.  I've been knitting a lot lately...really, more than even what is normal for me.  I like it.  I LOVE it!  It is so much fun to crank out lots of projects, don't get me wrong I haven't turned into a single project knitter...but there is something about finishing a project that makes life smile at me.

3.  I love Knit Alongs...really, why have I not joined them before?  Currently I'm knitting Alana Dakos Cedar Leaf Shawlette (ravelry link) as a part of luvinthemommyhood's Carefree Cowl KAL.  I already finished one cowl...

4.  Isn't it purdy?  I love it.  Wear it constantly :)  Specs of pattern are on ravelry here...if you haven't joined ravelry yet you should!

5.  I think I wear it constantly because the heating war has begun at our house.  Husband likes to save energy.  I like to have my fingers and toes minus frostbite.  So far there has been no middle ground found.

6.  For as much as I dislike the heat/AC battles that ensue at our house I love that my Husband is concerned about expenses.  It usually means I can buy more yarn :)

7.  Also if something were to happen to Husband, I'd probably have the house super cold just because I'd miss the heated discussions we'd have over energy costs.

8.  This is what I have so far on my Shawlette...
this is a quick photo taken from my camera phone...completely unedited

9.  I love orange.  Always have.  Always will.  You should too.

10.  This is truly a random post.

11.  You can find more information about the Carefree Cowl KAL here...


nice pretty button huh?

12.  I love math :)


So are you feeling random today like me?  Have so much to do but so little time?  I'm thinking about sneaking off for a latte/mocha after dropping the older kiddos at their prospective afternoon classes....maybe even stop at the library and see what amazing new finds there are to be had.  Last bit of randomness, I think I want to write a book...what should it be about?


  1. Love your pretty! Thanks for the link luv!

  2. Oh my - I love the shawlette. It's looking great. I love orange too!


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