Thursday, September 15, 2011

To MODify a Painting

If you haven't caught on yet that I love this pattern, well you might want to check into a psychiatric facility soon.  Yet I'm not sure if I've expressed my true reason for loving it so much.  With only 2 pattern pieces to this dress to cut out the time to cut and sew is ridiculously low.

It's drafted to fit me and only me perfectly is another great thing as well.  But that isn't the real reason I've made 6.

No those are all really good reasons but alas it is the fact that I can MODify this dress with limitless possibilities.  As you've seen so far I've made it out of woven cotton and jersey knit.  I've shirred and I haven't shirred.  I have short and long.  Solids and patterned.  Today's dress is no different as I did a little painting for this.

I'm sure you've all seen the freezer paper stenciling that's been going around blogland (honestly it's mentioned on my roll of freezer paper).  I thought this dress need just a little boost of color and pattern so I cut out some flowers using the Cricut machine I borrowed from Mom and did a negative transfer (I put the flowers on and painted out). 

I really like how it turned out.  I did the same flower in 3 different sizes and started at the waist and went down diagonally.  I did different colors and added a little drawing with fabric markers.  Unfortunate for you all I haven't been able to get a great picture of what the painting looks like up close.  Still I think the photo shows how versatile you can make this dress.

The color blocking at the bottom is just to cover up the fact that I cut the dress too short.  Yet proof that some craft fails can be made right with the right attention to detail and working outside of the box.  So there is still hope for dress 7 for a craftastic fix!


So tell me are you catching the MODify bug?  Do you like the versatility this pattern allows?  If I hadn't told you the dresses were cut from the same pattern would you know it?  I'm seriously bursting at the seam with excitement and have worn my dresses all week too!  So share the love, join the party and let's talk fashion!

remember you can find the FREE pattern here


  1. Love this one! You did a great job on the painting too! Fun!

  2. Thank you. I'm so excited for the last two, but still have to photograph them. Hoping I can get help with one in particular as it has some really fun features.


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