Friday, September 16, 2011

5 Buttons and 1 MODify

Yes, the day is finally here dress number 5 and with FIVE buttons in the back!  I loved making this dress from start to finish even though it was my most time intensive one.  The fabric I chose was just too thin to use alone so I lined it.  Yup, with a sheet I scored at Value Village.  At first I thought I might want a ruffle at the bottom of the dress...and I may still add it but I do love it just as it is right now.

Because the dress was going to be lined and both fabric are woven with little stretch I was afraid that one or two buttons at the top wasn't going to cut it for a proper opening to get me in it.  So I decided to be just a little risky and throw modesty a curve ball and left the back opening long...long enough for five buttons and loops!

This is definitely the dressiest of all my MODify's but I like it.  The fabric is grey and black pin stripe and really I think it is supposed to be 'lining' fabric but I loved it too much to let another fabric cover it up.  I have more of it so you'll probably see something else made with this fabric soon :)  I do appreciate the irony of lining a dress made of lining material with a solid woven cotton...very me to be honest.

I just LOVE that pretty row of black buttons so doesn't hurt that Husband has to help me get into it either ;)


The countdown is nearing the more dress!  One day I'll show you the craft fail, but not this week, I prefer a before and after photo.  Still what are your thoughts?  Are you're fingers itching to find some lovely fabric to make one?  Thinking about how easy it would be to make one for everyone on your Christmas list...well maybe not the men ;)  Hope you have a craftastic weekend!


  1. beautiful job, buffy! i love that you have so many MODify dresses! it's awesome! xo

  2. Love all the buttons down the back! Fab!

  3. Thank you both so much! I had so much fun making these dresses! Really they are incredibly addicting to make...I wasn't even put off by the cutting out (my least favorite part).

    One more dress to show off!


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