Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MODify Goes Tunic

Well today's dress really isn't a dress, it's a tunic!  It was my intent to make this into a dress but I took a larger hem as this was actually the first MODify I made with woven fabric.  With any change in fabrics you learn a few things and I did with this one but really the fabric is so cute, and a girl needs tunics too!  Maybe I should make a dozen more just to have options between dresses and tunics?

Even though it is a tunic and I used the MODify pattern I call this my neener-neener dress.  Mostly because of the fabric.  Which is again fabric I got from my mom's stash.  I'm a real stash buster ;)  I thought the fabric was charming and fun as it is a swirl of turquoise blue and sea shells and star fish.  The color was perfect for my niece to use as a Christmas gift.  So I texted a picture to my sis to see if Emma would like it.

The reply I got was "It's not big kid enough."  I don't know about you, but for me a die hard crafter those are fighting words.  She says it's not big kid enough?  Well then I'll show her, I'll make myself something.  Which I did and I kid you not just about everyone I saw at church the first Sunday I wore it commented either on the dress or fabric in a very favorable way.  In fact I have more left over & I'm thinking of using it for a top.

Well, we're halfway through my new dresses.  I'm so excited to show you the rest.  Stay tuned!


So what is the verdict?  Chic cute or kid cute?  How about the length?  Good as a tunic or better as a dress?  Let me know what you think, I've only got a dentist appointment and knitting left to do today so let's talk fashion!

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