Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A MODify for Tuesday

I love that this title goes along with my dress but also my day.  Husband is having to take the bus to work...car issues...which means I'm going to have to modify my day now around him being gone most of it.  I'm not complaining as I am very happy he has a job, I get to stay home but it will take some juggling on my part.

Now onto the dress, DAY 2...

This is the first MODify dress I made.  I'm sure you're surprised at the difference a fabric choice and a little shirring can do to change the entire look of a dress.  I chose to use a lightweight jersey fabric for my first dress because I had a ton of it that I got from my favorite thrift store (my mom's sewing room) at and incredible price (free) so I thought if I totally screwed it up it wouldn't be a big deal and I wouldn't ruin really nice, probably paid for fabric,  on this first attempt. 

As you can see not only did I not screw up, but I did a bang up job too!  I can't express the words to tell you how much I love this dress.  It is just about perfect...oh, I'm wearing it today too :)  Still there is more to this dress than just sewing it.  As I mentioned the fabric was free but free can sometimes mean not the right color.  Which this fabric originally was...

Yes that is the original color of my dress fabric.  I don't have anything against pale pink, in fact I picked up this fabric not for me but Elsa...however I had so much (still do) that I thought I could use it and then dye it.  Which I did.

I use RIT dye in Scarlett Red to get the lovely dark coral color.  It was perfection, worked out so well.  I love to dye stuff, my hair, my clothes, my fabrics...dye isn't to be feared it is to be honored as it can take a color that isn't yours and turn it into one that is.  Never fear the color!

This is an up close of the button loop I made.  Not bad for hand work right?  Actually I love this button loop so much that on one of my dresses I put in 5 buttons just to do this loop.  Oh, well okay not just to do the button loop but that is for another day.

Remember you can find the pattern for the dress here.  So go print yourself a copy.


So tell me, are you addicted yet?  Excited to see the five button dress?  How about my self-photography...nice right?  (j/k)  Well, I've got to make breakfast but the coffee will be on, so let's chat!


  1. wonderful job buffy! dyeing is something i've never tried.. though i've thought about it. i wish i could sew like you and shannon! and i plan to learn to.. it's just that right now knitting it taking up all of my time... and i have an unbelievably huge amount to be doing! gack! :) have a great tuesday!

  2. Cute dresses! I've had one bad experience dyeing canvas sneakers black... I never got them the shade I wanted! Maybe I should stay away from black dye and try a different color? Hope your day goes well.

  3. Thanks for the love! When I took these pics on Sunday, it was incredibly hot and I was mildly cranky...so I thought the photos weren't great but now two days later I'm thinking they aren't too bad.

    Becca- YOU CAN DO IT!!! Dying is so much fun :)

    Michelle- Ugh! Black is tricky. You have to get the right brand of dye...no cheap substitutes. I find RIT dye is great when you want a color but not a particular shade. Also you have to be absolutely certain you are working with 100% cotton and there isn't any manmade fibers in it.


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