Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Sweater KAL- Camp Knitting

Well I did it!  I finally figured out how to upload pictures from my new-old camera.  I'm excited.  Technically I don't know if I get to keep this camera because it is mine on loan from my dad.  He just got a new camera and since ours was broken he had pity on me and loaned me his old one.  At first I struggled with taking a picture...literally!  I would press the button but nothing would happen.  Husband discovered that the button is not for the wussy finger snap and you really have to press down on it.

Now that I figured out how to take pictures and then upload them to the computer (a hassle if ever there was one) I can now show you pictures of my Summer Sweater KAL progress!!!  As you know all last week we were on vacay, camping for most of it.  The campgrounds were about 7 hours away, plus we had to make a slight detour to collect Samuel from his week's stay with Nana & Papa.  Needless to say I put in a lot of knitting time on the drive.

I had just over an inch on the back when we started the trip and by the time we reached our destination I was almost to the waistband.  No small feat I assure you as that is 11 inches!  Well I was probably at 10 inches so that was 8.5 inches of knitting for one day.  That is true progress.

Now I love camping because I get even more knitting time in than usual and this last week was no exception.  I was able to knit at least 1 hour every day, sometimes more, which for this momma of five is a luxury!  A true luxury I tell ya :)  So by the time we hopped in the car on Sunday to head home (prepared for a 9 hour drive that took 12...but I digress) I had hopes of finishing the back on the drive.  I probably could have too had I not been so dog gone tired.  I had about an hour left of knitting to finish the back and that much time driving/riding until we were home when the sun dipped too low for me to see :(  I was disappointed but Monday, Husband was still home so I was able to finish it up and have enough daylight to take pics...

This is a up close picture of the wicker texture for the center panel.  What I like most about it is that it looks uber complicated when it isn't, just well placed knits and purls along with twisted stitches...awesome!

This is a picture of the bottom half, detailing one of the cable panels.  Now I've had some bad experiences with cabling but this sweater is certainly redeeming the technique for me :)  As for the photo, I'm pretty proud of this how this turned out :)

Still, there's less than 2 weeks in the KAL over on luvinthemommyhood and so I've really kicked it into high gear over here in knitopolis.  I started on the last remaining front and had high hopes of being finished with the waistband last night but a certain toddler (Thaddeus) decided he didn't need to go to bed on time and the knitting time went by the wayside...oh well, there's always tonight right?

Here are a few tempting pics for your eyes...I'm starting to feel like I just might be getting the hang of this photography thing.

The second front, in progress...

And my personal favorite picture...

Honestly I think I just got lucky...still I love how it turned out.  The whole blurry to in focus, the lighting and even the tail of yarn along the side.  Perfection.


Enough of me blathering on now it's your turn.  How do ya like the progress I've made?  Are you a camper like me or not?  How do you like the pictures?  Any photography tips?  I'd love it if you shared with me today :) 


  1. looks gorgeous buffy! i am just finishing my first sleeve, then have one more to do and the ribbing around the sweater. I see many late nights ahead of me knitting..haha. I've got to get this thing done. The arms slow me down as it's magic loop (which thankfully i now know and dont have to dpn it). Wish me luck!

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping to have the front done by Saturday which will leave me all next week for the sleeves then the last little bit of August for the seaming and edging.

    I actually like doing sleeves on a 12 inch circ as you don't have to keep adjusting the needles or cables in your case. Still I think you'll get it done. Good Luck :)

  3. Beautiful! Your pictures look great, love to see the textures. You are so talented!


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