Friday, August 26, 2011

Sock-full of Colors

The stomach flu hit our house and hit it hard.  Monday little dude aka Thaddeus got it and it got messy...we actually went into the Drs as I was concerned and after a brief visit and a Rx for anti-nausea/vomiting meds we were on our way.  He still isn't himself and I'm beginning to get concerned that it might be more than the flu.  However, he was a very good child and shared with the family.  Elsa was sick Tues, Lincoln & I got it Wednesday and Vinny and Husband had it yesterday... so far Samuel is the only one who hasn't but I'm confident that he'll get it Sunday morning since we have church and I'm playing the piano and kids love to get sick when we have plans.

So there is the very valid reason why I missed yesterday and Wednesday for posting and I'll be honest in telling you that it'll probably be a while before I'm completely back in the game with the posting but then again I kind of like being somewhat sporadic in just never know when I'll be here so you've got to keep checking right?

So now onto socks!  Yes, socks.  See I have five kids and every year they need new socks the problem is this year Lincoln's feet are WAY bigger than Samuel & Vinny's and to make matters worse Samuel & Vinny's feet are the SAME size.  In addition to both these facts the kids have decided that they do not want to share socks with each other.

So what was I to do?  At first I thought I could just buy different styles of socks for each child...but Mum bought the boys socks and they were all the same style, plus it is expensive to buy different styles as they aren't all the same prices.  This left me in a bind so I racked my creative brain for a viable option and landed on one the size of my sink...DYE!  Yup I decided to dye the socks different colors.  I let each boy pick out what color they wanted and then set to work dyeing them.

Lincoln, the boy after my color heart chose Tangerine Orange...

Samuel, my ever fashion conscious boy chose Black so his socks would alway match...

however the dye didn't take as well as I would have liked and turned fuss I'll just get a different brand of dye and try again...

Vinny shocked me, I thought for sure he'd pick Sunburst Yellow or Lemon Yellow (he tends to go with yellow) but instead he picked Scarlet Red...

I like the socks and in fact I used the dye bath for another project for me which I'm hoping to show off next week.

All in all I loved the idea, loved how it turned out and will from hence forth be dyeing my kiddos socks until they tell me to stop.  In fact I love dyeing fabrics and clothes so much I will probably start on the hunt for the very best dye and let you see my testing and results :)

Happy Weekend!

So tell me have you every dyed fabric?  Are you daring in color choices or do you stick to conventional colors?  If you could dye one thing in your wardrobe that the color isn't perfect to turn it into something you loved what color would you chose?

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  1. Great sock idea. Sorry to hear about the flu hitting your house! Get well soon!
    --Michelle Paige


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