Monday, August 29, 2011

A Fresh Week

This week I'm hoping that...

     I don't have to see or call a doctor or nurse all week...

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     That the first day of school is the beginning of a fun year for Samuel...

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     That this will be an even better year of homeschooling with Lincoln...

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     To find time to finish up my KAL sweater...

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     Find time to craft it up with my kids...

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     And to finally figure out this photography thing so that I can show you all amazing pics of what I've been making...

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I'm pretty sure it has been a very long time since I have so enthusiastically welcomed a new week.  Last week was difficult to say the least starting with Monday and a trip to Acute Care for one vomiting mess of a baby boy.  This was of course the start of more messes throughout the week as everyone but Samuel got the flu bug and the one who started it all (Thaddeus) finally got over it yesterday.  Then as it would happen Thaddeus fell and sliced the tip of his finger necessitating a trip to Urgent Care to see if he needed stitches. Fortunately he didn't however it is a very deep wound that will take a week to heal and he can't go outside and play in the dirt or play in dirty water (ie pools and lakes).  Of course he proceeded to throw up as soon as we got home and honestly I almost turned around and drove straight to the ER to demand that they take him for the night for observation.  Seriously, it was a hard, hard week.

Fortunately the week started afresh yesterday and for that I am decidedly happy about that.  This week is gonna be big what with Samuel starting 1st grade and us getting back into our fall routine.  I sure hope you've enjoyed the lovely pictures and that they'll get you through until Friday when Shannon will have her weekend wishes up for us to reflect on the beauty of the weekend ahead.


So what is on your mind this Monday?  Are you happy for the new week or wishing for a longer weekend?  I'm in the mood to chat today so leave me a comment and let's get this week started!

*This picture post idea is lovingly borrowed from Shannon of luvinthemommyhood.


  1. Wow, you're really ready for a good week, aren't you?! Hope this week is better than good! My kids start school on Tuesday. Lots to do!

  2. goodness buffy! this week most definitely has to be better! even though owen is too young for school this year, i'm welcoming the routine and schedules that the fall brings. i'm very happy to "get back on track"
    you sound like you've got an exciting year ahead!

  3. Thanks ladies for the week well wishes! We just got back from meeting Samuel's new teacher and filling out paperwork for Vinny to start Preschool in a couple weeks.

    So far the week is going well and hopefully the week will go smoothly for us all!


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