Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Orange You Glad for Sunshine

Finally I am able to post pictures of my new birthday dress.  I call it my birthday dress because I got the fabric as a gift for my birthday and if you haven't guessed from the title (or seen it on me already) it is orange...well mostly orange.

Honestly when I saw the fabric on the bolt I had to control myself from asking for the rest of it...I loved it that much!  Better yet it was on clearance, why it was I'll never know but I will joyfully rejoice at my good fortune.

So 2.5 yards later I have a dress and just over .5 yard left to make something equally as delightful...perhaps I'll make a Jane with a Pop top or a big flouncy bag.

Okay, okay I'll stop lolly gagging and show you the photos, which I might add were harder to upload and edit than it was to take.
Yes I pose for tripod timer photos!
I even have a little fun being silly.

The back...by far the easiest picture to take
Close up of the lace detail

So what do you think?  Lovely right?  I thought as much :)  Still here are the specs...
Pattern: Simplicity 3722...length style B without lace trim (couldn't find a link sorry)
No modifications to pattern but I did add the lace at the straps...it just wasn't wide enough to cover the proper undergarments ;)  So as I was dyeing some socks (more on that later) I threw in the lace for an orange tint to it for a a matchy matchy look.  I like it.

I think it is the perfect dress as this fall/winter I can throw a sweater over it...perhaps my Summer Sweater KAL...put on some leggings or maybe some skinny jeans and add a little Orange Sunshine on the colder days!  However, I am now in need of some really sweet orange pumps...lemme know if you find a great deal somewhere!


Tell me do you love it or like it?  Have you been making anything lately?  I have a few more projects to show off to you guys this week and I'd love to hear what you've been up to as well!

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  1. I love it!!! So cute. I also post for photos by myself, must run in the family! lol


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