Thursday, September 1, 2011


It happened yesterday!  I woke up early and got started with the day, I cleaned up in the kitchen and I made Samuel a shirt...yes made, start to finish, for his first day and he refused to wear it.  I knew this day would come, that he would prefer other clothes to what I make him but I wasn't prepared for it it was a tradition, or least I thought it was, for me to quickly whip up a top for his first day of school.  I did it last year but apparently he already had his outfit picked out and I just couldn't change his mind.

Still he was the cutest 1st grader at his school and was a total ham whilst I photographed him too!

His avoidance of wearing Momma made clothes only lasted the one day and today he wore his new top.  Perhaps in the future I'll have to let him know that I'm making something for him so he's prepared.  Now that school has started, the calendar reads September and the weather is cooling off it is time to really focus on other things like Christmas pressies!


Well I know it has been a couple days but you'll forgive me right?  Are you making anything?  Preparing for Christmas yet?  Waiting on pins and needles for the pumpkin spice lattes to return to Starbucks?  I'm just cleaning this afternoon and I'd love a break to chat!


  1. CUTE! I love how all the kiddos are smiling in the car. :) I'm getting the fall bug, cleaning and organizing and starting to figure out what Christmas presents I want to make! We are going to do a pretty much complete homemade Christmas this year for our family, so I am very excited to start sewing more fun things while the kids nap!
    (and I found a recipe for homemade Pumpkin Spice latte on Pinterest, let me know if you want it!)

  2. I know that car picture is the best! I barely edited it too!

    Last year I bought more gifts than I usually do and I'll tell you I love doing a Handmade Christmas, the cost really isn't cheaper but the quality is so much I'm off to Pinterest to check your boards and find that recipe :)

  3. love the pics, buffy! you're right...samuel is a stinkin' cute first grader!! hard to believe it's september already! love it!!

    i'd love to do a handmade christmas again this year.. we'll see if i can pull it off, what with classes, samples, and market to plan for as well. eeeekkk!! much coffee will be needed. on that to check the link on the pumpkin spice latte too! (thanks for passing it along my way!) :)

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love Samuel's aqua blue shirt, even if you didn't make it. That color is my new favorite! Happy New School Year to you! Christmas? I need to catch my breath with back to school before I think about Christmas!

  5. Becca, so glad I'm not just biased about his cuteness :) I totally get you with the additional obligations that make a total handmade Christmas hard. I just hope my sister stays single through the holidays ;)

    Michelle, technically I'm behind on Christmas. To really do a complete Handmade Christmas and have it stress free I have at least 2 or three presents made by the end of July. Currently I only have the list for gifts and nothing made...but I'm gonna get started as soon as my KAL sweater is finished.


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