Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Coming Around

Many of you might know that I am and have been a die hard knitter.  I have at times been a bit snobby about other fiber related crafts such as crocheting...but I must confess I've kinda lost that snobbery and I'm coming around.

I mean really how could I not when faced with the amazing cuteness that is this hat...

Or what about this amazing hat...
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Enough with the kidlet cuteness, how about some grown-up awesomeness!  I want one in every color...
or perhaps rings are more your style...

But to be completely honest, the real reason I've taken a second look at crocheting is this dress...

I remember getting this dress in the mail and loving it the instant I saw it.  My grandma crocheted it for me and I wore it every chance I got.  I remember I felt so grown up in it...perhaps that was because I had to get my very first slip so I could wear it.  Now it hangs in my closet waiting for Elsa to grow into it and seeing it reminds me of how I didn't care that it wasn't knitted but that it was made JUST FOR ME.

So if you see me with a hook in my hand just know that you don't have to knit to make wonderful memories!


Are there any crafts you thought you'd never start but now find the allure of them calling to you?  Any favorite outfits you're holding onto for your kids?  Have a favorite memory to share?  Well, I'm ready to make another cup of hot cocoa and ready for some reminiscing...


  1. hahaha I love this!
    My grandma taught me how to crochet several years ago, so I thought I was so cool that I knew how to crochet. But later, I found out that there are just some things I can't crochet, but have to knit. ;) so I taught myself how to knit. I sometimes stumble across a small crochet project everyone once in a while, but other than that, I'm a knitter at heart. =D

    I will say that the dress is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

    Really, once I thought about it, there's no such thing as which craft is better. Because they both make wonderful things. The time put into making something is rewarding. And when it's all finished and you can use what you made into your daily life is a pretty darn cool thing too. Especially when people ask where you got it from and you can say proudly "Hehe, I made it!". I know it gives me a great feeling. =)

  2. You are so right Sammy! I think the only thing I ever had against crochet is that it looks very homemade but now it is becoming very vogue now and you often see articles in department stores that are crocheted...plus it is fantastic for lace trim and such :)b

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  4. Grandma made me a dress just like that one, too! I loved it and remember wearing it often! This brought back a lot of memories and reminds me how much I love our Grandparents. Go Grandma!!!

  5. Yes! Go Grandma!!! Love her. Wish we had a pic of us all matchy-matchy in our Valentine dresses. That'd be fun to post :)


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