Monday, July 25, 2011

My-Oh-My the Boy is 8!

I can't believe it, okay so I really can, but still my baby is 8 today!

More than that I seems so surreal that I have been a momma now for eight years and with a 16 month old still I now know that I will spend more of my life as a parent than the 21 years I was childless.  It is really crazy to think of it like that but so true.

Lincoln has taught me so much not just as a mother but as a woman.  I've learned what true and honest sacrificial love is.  I've discovered the joy of being the center of complete and utter adoration.  I have learned that it is always far better to stay up that extra 5 minutes for a hug and glass of water than to begrudge the little time I'll have with my kids when they still think I'm the center of their universe.

As each year passes I have to give up more and more of my care for him to let Lincoln find his wings of independence.  It is in these moments that I am thankful that we are given babies to start with and not teenagers, for it would hurt all that much more if the minute you recieved them you had to give them back to the world to make their own way.

We've got about 10 more years to teach him all he's gonna need to know to make in this world on his own.  To be completely honest that just doesn't seem like enough time.  I'd really like to rewind the tape and start again, review some lessons, do things differently.  Perhaps that is why firstborn children are called the Grand Experiment.  I know that all we do is experiment with how we teach, reward and discipline.

Still, Motherhood is a calling and most definitely a blessing.  To all those longing for a baby, I can't imagine the pain it must cause you but know this My God is able to do mighty things and that in HIS perfect timing a baby will come.  To all those wondering why you had children to begin with know this: the sands of the hour glass fall all too quickly when you look back at the past so make sure you remember to spend more time telling you're little ones you love them than you do scolding them.

Happy Birthday My Son, I am so very proud to be your mother.  Thank you Lord, for the blessing and trials of Motherhood!


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