Friday, July 22, 2011

Itty Bitty Baby Shoes

Suddenly all my friends have caught the Baby know what I'm talking about that thing that happens when women start drinking the water and the result is more babies!  I'm am so very happy for them all and even though my little fingers can only knit so fast I do have a couple friends I'm hoping and praying they too will be pregnant soon.  But until then I still have baby gifts to make because, well these are the friends you MAKE gifts for not buy...because I love them so much.

So this week I pulled myself out of bed early, before kids were awake and made some shoes.  Oh yes, that's right shoes.  Not just any shoes but BABY shoes, NEWBORN sized baby shoes that are A.DOR.ABLE!!!  Wanna see?  Of course you do ;)

Pattern:  Retro Baby Shoes from Sweet Pea Patterns
Size: Newborn
Fabric: Scraps

First of all I just have to say that a few months ago I bought these uber cute patterns for shoes.  I made Elsa slouchy boots in under an hour.  I thought it was because the were larger, but no...I think sewing these little newborn shoes took me an hour to cut and an hour to sew.  Super fast!  Cuteness Extreme.  Loved by the Momma-to-be.  Must make more soon.  Really, don't be afraid of them because they are shoes, the directions are like totally awesome and lots of pictures.  Sizing seems spot on and she has another shop with sizes up to adult...those patterns are on my wish list and with my birthday coming up you're all welcome to gift them to me ;)

So if you love the shoes totally head over and pick up a few patterns and then go shoe crazy...I know I am!


What have you been crafting lately?  Are you caught in the middle of Baby Fever too?  Should I put you on my prayer list for wanting to be?  Or are you like me and so excited for the next chapter of life filled without a new born?  Come on, stop in and let's chat about those precious miracles that make our hearts flutter and our houses messy.


  1. ohmygoodness, buffy! those are stikin' adorable! sooo sweet!!! that's gonna be one happy momma! well done! xo

  2. Thanks Becca! They were really easy peasy, honestly and I didn't even use the basting glue that was recommended...though the next time I think I might. Really thinking that in the next couple months I'll buy some of the waterproof soling and make some bigger shoes.

  3. You did a great job Buffy! I didn't use the basting glue she recommended but pinned a ton and found it spot on! I've been wanting to make a pair for myself too. Her patterns are awesome!

  4. Thanks Shannon! I think with these Retro shoes the glue is a good thing in the larger sizes and if you use a heavier weight of fabric, but since they were just the newborn size I didn't fret it. Will let you know when I try again :)


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