Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What You Can Really Do in 20 Minutes

Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately.  We just hit a busy patch in life, but hopefully with summer here I will be able to get more of a routine going on around here.

Still as busy as it has been I have been clocking my 20 minutes each day.  Can you believe that today marks the start of the 3rd week?!  I know we're 2 weeks in or 4 hours and 40 minutes.  Yes, 4 hours and 40 minutes.  When you see that chunk of time you think well yeah I could get a lot done in that much time...and if you've been following along you have gotten that much done :)

As I was sorting through our closet the other evening I thought I really should show you all how much you really can get done in 20 minutes.  With a quick run for the cell phone I snapped a few barely passable pics and then got to work.  They say a pictures worth a thousand words and I have 9 for you.

I thought I should mention that the font for the word before is called 'gasmask.'  I thought it was rather fitting.  However, 20 short minutes later this is what my closet looked like...

Shocking I know!  Obviously it isn't perfect, there is still more organizing to be done however you can't discount how much better it looks.  Why I can see the floor!  I think it is important to focus not on what didn't get done but what did.  True there is still more to do (hey, there will always be more to do) but what is important is that I got off my keister and actually made a dent in what I thought was overwhelming.

Now if you're wondering how much stuff one can actually clear out in 20 minutes here's what I got rid of...

That is 1 box and half a bag to Goodwill and 1 bag for the garbage.  See, it was easy!

I'm starting my sweater for the Summer Sweater Knit Along over on luvinthemommyhood.  I'll be back tomorrow with more on that.  So for now keep truckin along in purging the superfluous.


How are you doing on the challenge?  Do you have pictures to share?  Grab a garbage bag, set a timer and report back to how much you tossed!  We're in this together so let's share in the pleasures of our accomplishments :)


  1. Nice work! I subscribe to Real Simple online. Today's article is '12 Secrets from Closet Pros", check it out:

  2. Thanks for the link Michelle! I really liked the Valet Hook idea, will have to put that one down for when I go to redecorate :)


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